Why does Apple use pentalobe screws?

“[Apple] chose this ‘pentalobe’ fastener specifically because it was new, guaranteeing repair tools would be both rare and expensive,” Wiens explained. He also noted that the screws are only used on the exterior of the device, merely to make it difficult for end users to get inside.

Why does Apple use Torx screws?

This screw head clearly has one purpose: to keep you out. Otherwise, Apple would use it throughout each device. Instead, they only use it at the bulwark—on the outside case of your iPhone and MacBook Air, and protecting the battery on the Pro—so they can keep you out of your own hardware.

What are pentalobe screws for in iPhone?

Pentalobe (5-point star shape) screws for iPhone 4, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S. These tiny screws replace the two screws that are located on the bottom of iPhone 4 series smart phones, on either side of the dock connector.

Does Apple use special screws?

Starting with the Mid-2009 15″ MacBook Pro, Apple began to use special 5-point security screws, in an attempt to prevent users from accessing the internals of their devices. They are now used in all Apple laptops and phones. There are several different sizes of Pentalobe screws in use by Apple.

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What screws do Macbooks use?

The pentalobe security screw (Apple nomenclature), or pentalobe screw drive, is a five-pointed tamper-resistant system used by, but not limited to, Apple in their products. Pentalobe screws were adopted by Apple starting in 2009, when they were first implemented in the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Why are Apple screws different?

“[Apple] chose this ‘pentalobe’ fastener specifically because it was new, guaranteeing repair tools would be both rare and expensive,” Wiens explained. … Wiens said that Apple had used a similar screw on early unibody MacBook Pros to secure the integrated battery, but later adopted a tri-wing screw for that purpose.

What screwdriver is needed for MacBook Air?

1.2mm P5 Precision Pentalobe Screwdriver for MacBook Air and Pro Retina Laptop Opening Repair Tools.

What size is P2 Pentalobe?

P2 0.8mm PL1 Pentalobe Screwdriver Fits the 5-point pentalobe screws found on the bottom of iphone 4s 5, 5s, 5c , se, 6, 6 plus, 6s , 6s plus, iPhone 7, iphone 7 plus.

Is Pentalobe proprietary?

Consumerist tells us that Apple is switching to a special new screw called by some a Pentalobe; or by iFixit, an “Evil Proprietary Tamper Proof Five Point Screw” (or the EPTP5PS). It is designed to make it impossible for anyone but Apple to service your iPhone or computer.

What size screwdriver do I need to open iPhone 7?

One 0.8 mm P2 Pentalobe screwdriver for Apple iPhone body base bottom cover/case screws opening .

What screws does iPhone 7 use?

The manufacturer started using Tri-Point type screws (0.6 mm) in iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X, and Apple Watch.

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Why do companies use weird screws?

The primary purpose of pentalobe screws is essentially just to be obscure, so you won’t automatically have the right screwdriver to fit them. It’s a move to curb tampering and fiddling with Apple’s characteristically closed devices.

What are Phillips screws?

Noun. 1. Phillips screw – a screw with a special head having crossed slots. screw – a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head. trademark – a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product.

What screwdriver do I need to open iPhone?

Use this precision P2 pentalobe screwdriver to open iPhone and Apple devices. The P2 driver is compatible with the 5-point star shaped pentalobe 5IPR security fasteners used on the bottom of iPhones. The driver is compatible with the security screws on the bottom of all models of iPhone since the iPhone 4.