What is a rack bolt?

Rack bolts are particularly popular fitted to sliding doors, at the top and bottom of the frame as extra security locks. These bolts are mortised into the edge of the door and therefore prevent somebody forcing the door open. These locks offer extra security when the house is occupied. …

How does a rack bolt work?

These Rack bolts shoot a bolt into the door using the key or the thumbturn, and in doing so offer an additional level of security on the door. They are usually operated by a simple ‘star’ type key, so are best suited to providing secondary security and combined with other primary security options.

What is a door rack bolt?

Often referred to as rack bolts, they are recessed into the door with a key hole cut into the internal face of the door. … As these can only be accessed from the internal side of the door this provides a very simple concealed and secure method of security.

How do you fix a stuck rack bolt?

Remove the two screws that hold the lock cylinder and pull it from the door. Then saturate the bolt mechanism with the spray lube and twist it back and forth with a flat-blade screwdriver. Reinstall the lock cylinder and you’re good to go.

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What are dog bolts?

Surelock McGill hinge bolts or ‘dog bolts’ as they are more commonly known, provide an additional layer of protection to the hinged side of the door during an attack. … Removal of the hinges allows the door to be detached from its frame and unauthorised entry into the facility becomes possible.

What is a Thumbturn?

A thumb turn (or turnkey) is an oval or crescent shaped knob used to operate the dead bolt of a privacy or entry mortise lock. Our thumbturns are available in sturdy brass and iron and include thumb turn, back plate and spindle.

Can you use WD40 on a deadbolt?

The simple answer is you should not use WD40 to lubricate locks. WD-40 is one of the solvent-based lubricants and does not contain any lubricant and over time can make your lock even stickier by gumming the lock up.

What causes a deadbolt to stick?

A sticking deadbolt is a common nuisance for homeowners. It can be caused by debris, weather, and general wear and tear.

What is a hinge bolt?

The hinge bolts are designed to prevent doors being lifted from their hinges. Manufactured from hardened steel it resists hacksawing. Hinge bolts are essential for all outward opening timber external doors.

What’s a sash jammer?

What are Sash Jammers? Sash Jammers are commonly used as additional security to secure uPVC doors or windows and are available as locking and non-locking options. A Sash jammer will prevent a door or window from opening should the lock be bypassed by a thief.

Are barrel bolts secure?

In today’s security conscious communities barrel bolts are one of the most common types of security device firefighters encounter on the fireground. The reason for this is simple: barrel bolts are cheap, easy to install and provide excellent security against the criminal element.

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