What does Shcs screw stand for?

SHCS. (redirected from Socket Head Cap Screw)

What does Shcs mean?


Acronym Definition
SHCS Socket Head Cap Screw
SHCS Scottish House Condition Survey
SHCS Sacred Heart Cathedral School (Knoxville, TN)
SHCS Subterranean Heating and Cooling System

What is SOC screw?

Socket screws are also known as Allen head screws or bolts, and are fastened using a hexagonal or shaped wrench, requiring a key to tighten and remove. Standard sizes available from stock.

What is socket cap screw?

A socket cap screws are machine screws with a cylindrical barrel shaped head containing a hexagonal socket. The head has a smaller diameter than most other machine screw heads, typically just 1.5 times the nominal thread diameter.

What does SCH mean?


Acronym Definition
SCH School
SCH Schedule
SCH Search
SCH Semester Credit Hours

What is the full form of Sch?

SCH. Semester Credit Hour. Academic & Science » Universities.

What are CSK screws?

A countersunk screw is a type of fastening that sits flush with the surface of the material it occupies. These screws typically are used so that you can cover them easily with either a screw cap or piece of wood.

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What is a hex screw?

Hex bolts, or hex cap screws, are large bolts with a six-sided head (hexagonal!) used to fasten wood to wood, or metal to wood. … Wood screws have many different types of heads, but the most common are round heads and flat heads.

What do cap screws look like?

Cap screws have a large head and a cylindrical shaft with external threads. The head has a larger diameter than the threaded portion, this provides a positive mechanical stop when tightening the screw. Cap screws are tightened directly into a threaded or tapped hole, usually without a nut.

Why is it called a socket head cap screw?

Socket head cap screws are typically used in machine parts, die fixturing, and clamping. … Socket head cap screws with a full thread is another tall-headed, internally-driven high-strength fastener. The entire length of the shank is threaded, hence the name.

What is the difference between a bolt and a cap screw?

The most basic difference between a cap screw and a bolt is the way in which these fasteners are installed. Technically, a bolt is installed by turning a nut to tighten the fastener, while a cap screw in installed by turning the head of the bolt to assemble and tighten.

What is a cap screw used for?

Cap and machine screws are used to clamp machine parts together, either when one of the parts has a threaded hole or in conjunction with a nut. These screws stretch when tightened, and the tensile load created clamps the parts together.

What is a SCG?

The Security Classification Guide (SCG) is part of the Program Protection Plan (PPP). It details how the information will be classified and marked on an acquisition program. It’s the written record of an original classification decision or series of decisions regarding a system, plan, program, or project.

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What is a SCB?

System Control Board. SCB. Scheduled Commercial Bank (India) SCB.

What does inits mean in crossword?

Initials – inits. Inspector – DI (Detective inspector) Intelligence – IQ.