What are banjo bolts used for?

A banjo bolt is one half of a banjo fitting. Banjo fittings are frequently used to pass pressurized fluid. In the motorcycle world, they’re most often seen in brake systems, but there are lots of other non-motorcycle applications for this type of fluid-transfer fitting.

What is a brake line banjo bolt?

Sometimes refered to as brake hose bolts a banjo bolt is used to connect a brake line with a banjo fitting to the wheel. A banjo bolt allows for a more flexible and low profile connection to allow the wheels to turn.

How do banjo brake fittings work?

This open interior allows fluid to flow inside and exit through a small hole at the side. The bolt then locks into a system to control fluid performance and pressure. … In such systems, the banjo bolt attaches the brake lines to the cylinder to regulate the pressure in response to the activation of the brake pedal.

What thread is a banjo bolt?

An Bolt For Banjo Fittings 3/8 X 24 Standard Thread.

Do you need to line up banjo bolts?

Those seals allow fluid to pass around the bolt, which means the holes do not need to line up unlike a standard threaded fitting, making installation of flexible lines easy (and in many cases, even possible in the first place.) Here you can see some banjo bolts and their sealing crush washers.

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What is banjo adapter?

A banjo fitting or internally relieved bolt comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. … The name stems from the shape of the fitting, having a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo.

Can you reuse copper washers?

Copper crush washers really shouldn’t be re-used. To seal effectively the copper must be soft, as it is in an annealed state. … There is a decent chance a used, crushed, aged copper washer might seal again, but the only way to be sure is to try.

What is the banjo nut?

At the base of the peghead you will find the “nut”, a small piece of ebony/plastic that has slots in it for the banjo strings. The nut is where the strings are aligned before they travel down the fingerboard of the banjo.

How much torque should a banjo bolt have?

Banjo Bolts should be tightened to 12 to 14 foot pounds – Do not over torque. Using fixed fittings where the installation requires elbow fittings on both ends you need to calculate the degree of angle in the relationship of the two fittings, known as clocking.

What size is a banjo bolt?

Banjo Bolt, Thread Size: M12 x 1.5; Bolt Length: 20mm.

Where are banjo fittings made?

Products include single/double body banjo bolts & single/double body banjo connectors. Applications include pneumatic, automation & irrigation. Made in the USA.

Can you cut a banjo bolt?

The way i always used to shorten bolts was to screw a nut on before cutting. Cut it down with ahacksaw trying to be as precise as possible. Then unscrew the nut and it will re-cut the mangled thread at the end of the bolt. a grinder will shave it down nice and flat quite easily.

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Do calipers come with banjo bolt?

Reman calipers usually don’t come with new banjos. Do they fit? If so maybe just use them. Otherwise if the old banjos are fine you should be able to use them.