How do you tighten valve cover bolts?

How tight do you tighten valve cover bolts?

Tighten until your hand can’t tighten anymore (which SHOULDN’T be too tight) And that should be just tight enough. Any tighter and you risk busting a bolt. I learned the hard way and have been doing it this way ever since.

Can I tighten valve cover bolts to stop leak?

If you have a missing bolt or screw, it should be replaced immediately. … When replacing both, make sure to use a torque wrench to torque the bolts to the factory recommended setting. If you tighten them too much, you can risk breaking the valve cover, and if too loose, they can fall out again or cause a leak.

Can you hand tighten valve cover?

If you use a 1/4″ ratchet and pull on it with two fingers you will end up in the correct torque range. It’s a pretty wide range. If you’re installing a new gasket, get it tight and then check it again after a few minutes. As the gasket compresses the bolts will get loose again.

What is the torque setting for valve cover bolts?

Torque the valve cover bolts to 5-6 ft/lbs, making sure gaskets do not slip out of position. Proper torqueing will help to ensure that your covers do not leak oil.

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Do you use Loctite on valve cover bolts?

The proper bolt for valve cover has radial ridges or splines running from center to outside, no washer, no Loctite.

Can you over tighten gaskets?

Continued tightening of the bolts will not necessarily increase gasket load or stop a leak, and if severe enough, the overloading may even lead to bolt failure. Over-tightening of flange bolts is a major cause of gasket failure.

Should I use silicone on valve cover gaskets?

Valve cover gaskets are designed to seal “dry,” so don’t apply sealant to the face of the gasket. Finish off the job by snugging up the valve cover bolts to the torque specifications in your shop manual.

Do valve cover gaskets need sealant?

Although valve cover gaskets don’t necessarily need sealers or cements, it’s a common practice to glue the gasket to the valve cover. … 1, RTVs or Permatex High Tack gasket sealant work well.

Does Oil Stop Leak work?

Oil stop leaks are designed to revitalize gaskets and seals to minimize gaps that cause leaks. However, if you have a large hole or a lot of engine damage, an oil stop leak will not solve the problem.

What are the torque specs for a 350 Chevy flywheel?

Small Block Chevy Torque Specs

Fastener Type Torque Spec
Harmonic Damper Bolt 60 ft.-lbs.
Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts 65 ft.-lbs.
Pressure Plate Bolts 35 ft.-lbs.
Bellhousing Bolts 25 ft.-lbs.

What is the torque for spark plugs?

SPARK PLUG Installation

Thread Size Recommended Torque Recommended Tightening Angle
New Plug
M14 20-30N・m About 2/3 turn
M18 30-40N・m About 1/4 turn
M14 Taper seat 10-20N・m About 1/16 turn
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