How do you fix a screw hole that is too big?

How do you make a screw hole smaller in metal?

The easiest way to fix a screw hole in metal that is too big is to fill the hole with a bit of JB-Weld. If you don’t have 24 hours to let it cure, use JB-Kwik. Before it sets up, poke an indentation where you want the center to be with a toothpick or another sharp object. Let the material cure.

How do you make a metal screw tighter?

How to Tighten Metal Screws

  1. Tap the top of the screw hole with a hammer to flatten the outside edges. …
  2. Inspect the threads on the screw to ensure they are intact. …
  3. Thread the screw into the hole and tighten it with the appropriate screwdriver.

What household items can I use to patch a large hole in the wall?

Mix together one tablespoon flour, one teaspoon salt, and a few drops of water to form a paste. Apply the mixture heavily to your cardboard patch so that it oozes around the square’s edges and binds it in place to the drywall. Allow the paste to set, and then pull out the string.

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