How can you tell the strength of a metric bolt?

The common class (grades) for metric are 5.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Each grade has a specific bolt strength. No matter the system used to grade the bolts, the higher number means the stronger the bolt.

How do you measure the strength of a metric bolt?

For example, if the metric bolt was M14x1. 5×25, it would have a length of 25 millimeters. Look on the bolt head for the number denoting the strength of the bolt. The bigger the number, the stronger the bolt.

How can you tell the grade of a metric bolt?

Strength Grades for metric fasteners are designated by a symbol comprised of 2 numbers, separated by a decimal. For example, 4.6 and 8.8. The first number represents 1/100 of the nominal tensile strength in N/mm^2.

How do you identify the strength of a bolt?

You can usually figure out the grade, or strength, of a bolt by looking at the markings on its head. English bolts (U.S.S. or S.A.E) are categorized by grade, from grade 2 to grade 8, where the grade represents inch strength. The higher the grade, the stronger the bolt.

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What does 8.8 mean on metric bolts?

The grade 8.8 refers to the tensile strength which is generally 116,000 psi, grade 10.9 is generally 150,000 and grade 12.9 is generally 175,000 psi.

Is Grade 8 the strongest bolt?

Commercial-grade 8 bolts are the strongest option available. They’re made from medium carbon alloy steel and have markings that include six raised dashes. The psi of the bolt is 150,000, meaning that it can withstand great deals of pressure because of the way it was quenched and tempered.

Is Grade 8 or 12.9 stronger?

Special markings on screw heads and nuts identify the fastener’s grade. Replace a graded fastener with same or higher grade (don’t replace a Grade 8 fastener with a Grade 5 or 2).

Table 1.

Grade/Class Strength
Metric Class 12.9 The highest metric class for strength, it exceeds Grade 8.

How strong is a metric 8.8 bolt?

Metric steel bolts, screws and studs – proof and tensile strength

Property Class Size Range (mm) Minimum Tensile Strength (106 Pa)
5.8 M5 – M24 520
8.8 M1.6 – M36 830
9.8 M1.6 – M16 900
10.9 M5 – M36 1040

What does SC 4.8 mean on a bolt?

For example, a bolt with a performance grade of 4.8 means:

The nominal tensile strength of bolt material is 400 MPa. … The nominal yield strength of bolt material is 400 x 0.8=320 MPa.

What does 9.8 mean on a bolt?

A metric bolt designated as ISO class 6.8 roughly corresponds in strength to an SAE Grade 2 bolt. Bolts of ISO class 8.8 and the slightly stronger class 9.8 roughly correspond to an SAE Grade 5 bolt. An ISO Class 10.9 bolt roughly corresponds to an SAE Grade 8 bolt.

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How do you determine strength?

Strength of solution = Mass of solute in grams/Volume of a solution in litres. If the unit of volume is in mL, then the overall formula should be multiplied by 1000.

How do I identify a bolt?

Fasteners are identified by four or five attributes; Type, Material, Diameter, Length, and Thread Pitch or Count (machine thread fasteners only).

Is a Grade 5 bolt stronger than a Grade 8?

Grade 8 bolts have been hardened more than grade 5 bolts. Thus they are stronger and are used in demanding applications such as automotive suspensions.

What do the numbers on a metric bolt mean?

In addition, most metric bolts are identified by a number stamped on the bolt head, such as 4.6, 5.8 or 10.9. The number has nothing to do with the size, but does indicate the relative strength of the bolt. The higher the number, the stronger the bolt. … A metric fastener could be designated M12 x 2, for example.

What’s the difference between 4.6 and 8.8 bolts?

Category 4.6/S refers to commercial bolts of Property Class 4.6 conforming to AS 1111.1 tightened using a standard wrench to a ‘snug-tight’ condition. Category 8.8/S refers to any bolt of Property Class 8.8, tightened using a standard wrench to a ‘snug- tight’ condition in the same way as for category 4.6/S.

Are stainless bolts stronger than Grade 8?

Stainless steel bolts are rated for corrosion resistance. Bolt strength is rated in PSI (pounds per square inch). A stainless steel bolt has the same PSI rating as a grade 5 bolt (125,000 PSI). A grade 8 bolt has a stronger rating with a PSI of 150,000.

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