Best answer: Who is the antagonist in Turn of the Screw?

The specter of Peter Quint is the most obvious antagonist here. He’s a kind of embodiment of evil itself; the Governess’s descriptions of him make it clear that he emanates some sort of malevolent force.

Who is the protagonist of Turn of the Screw?

The Governess

The protagonist of the novella, a twenty-year-old woman who has been put in charge of educating and supervising Flora and Miles at the country estate of Bly.

What is the conflict in The Turn of the Screw?

The Major conflict in “The Turn of the Screw” was between the governess and the two ghosts, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. The governess felt that the two ghosts were trying to sexually corrupt the two children under her care.

Why did Jessel leave Bly?

Grose reluctantly admits that Miss Jessel was just as wicked as Peter Quint, that the two of them were having an affair and that Miss Jessel left Bly in disgrace. Mrs.

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What is the conflict of the play the governess?

toneThe governess narrates with an attitude of intimate confidentiality that is biased and possibly unreliable. major conflictThe governess struggles to unlock the mysteries of Bly and protect her two pupils against what she believes to be supernatural forces.

Why did Peter Quint possess miles?

As their relationship evolved, his abusive behaviors began to manifest. Once the Lady of the Lake murdered him, Peter discovered that he could possess Miles after growing incredibly angry at the woman who created the ghostly gravitational pull that plagues Bly Manor.

What is Mrs Grose?

An illiterate servant at Bly, Mrs. Grose provides the governess with open ears and loyal support. … Grose is the source for most of the governess’s information, the governess does not take her words at face value or ask Mrs. Grose for her opinions.

Is Turn of the Screw first person?

First Person (principally narrated by the Governess)

We have two first person narrators throughout the course of the story. … The second narrator, who takes over in Chapter One, is of more real interest to us.

What happened at the end of Turn of the Screw?

While The Turn of the Screw begins with a narrator beginning to tell a story, it ends, abruptly, with the governess realizing Miles is being possessed. … Miles dies at the end of James’ novella, and it’s not entirely clear if it’s due to the ghost of Peter Quint or the governess’ smothering overprotection of the boy.

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What POV is Turn of the Screw?

Perspective and Narrator

The Turn of the Screw is narrated in the first person in the Prologue by an anonymous narrator who provides background information for the story. An unnamed governess narrates the remainder of the novella in the first person and exclusively from her point of view.

Why did Miles and Flora lock Dani?

Miles and Flora know that Viola is dangerous because they previously saw her kill Peter Quint (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), the love interest of their former au pair, Rebecca. So, the Wingrave children trick Dani to prevent another attack. … And so the kids lock Dani in a closet for practical reasons.

Is Flora possessed by Rebecca?

Life as a ghost

It is later revealed that this is false, however, and Rebecca never possessed Flora; instead, Flora would act out of character to fool Peter into believing that Rebecca is possessing her.

What killed Peter Quint?

In episode 5, it’s revealed that Peter was killed by the lady of the lake, Viola Willoughby (Kate Siegel), in front of Hannah, Miles, and Flora. All three are fully aware of what has happened, yet they continue to uphold the theory that he ran away and left Rebecca to wallow in her loneliness.

Who is the antagonist in the ninny?

The story is told in first person from the perspective of the narrator, who is the employer of the governess, Yulia. He is very cruel and mean. He accepts and admits to playing and awful tricks on her. He is the antagonist in the story.

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Who is the protagonist in the story the ninny?

Yulia Vassilyevna

* Yulia is the Protagonist in the story and the reason I say that is because she is the one being talked about the whole story.

Why did the employer subtract money from the governess salary?

The employer keeps on subtracting Yulia’s salary because he wants to steal Yulia’s money. Yulia Vassilyevna knows that her employer is cheating on her but she didn’t complain. … then she just took the money.