Best answer: Can I use grease on head bolts?

Motor oil will be fine. It’s cheap, plentiful and what Honda recommends using. Head bolts are usually torque to yield and usually require replacement after use.

Should I grease head bolts?

Yes, you should lightly oil head bolts when you install them. You don’t want to have the bores full of oil or anything, but lightly lubricate the threads and heads. Torquing a bolt that size dry will give an inaccurate and insufficient torque because of the friction of the bolt head against the head surface.

Is it OK to grease bolts?

But lubrication on the bolt threads—and a whole host of other factors—can cause fluctuation in torque readings. So once you add a lubricant of any kind to the threads, all bets are off as to whether the same torque setting will truly secure the bolt.

What do you seal head bolts with?

Loctite Headbolt & Water Jacket Sealant is a single-component anaerobic hybrid that lubricates fasteners during assembly, as well as seals the gaps between the threads.

Should you lube head bolts before torquing?

you should always lube anything that is going to be torqued or else you won’t get an accurate reading…you want to be measuring the torque without any friction interfering with the reading.

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Should you put grease on a head gasket?

To ensure accurate torque values and to avoid cracking the cylinder block, clean any dust, dirt, oil and fluid from the cylinder block head bolt holes before installing the new head gasket and head bolts. … Unless otherwise specified, lightly lubricate the bolt threads with 30w non-detergent motor oil.

Does grease affect torque?

When a bolt is lubricated – less torque is required to achieve bolt axial load or tension. Reduction of torques for lubricated vs.

Lubrication effect on bolt tension and torque.

Lubricant Torque Reduction (%)
Graphite 50 – 55
White Grease 35 – 45
SAE 30 oil 35 – 45
SAE 40 oil 30 – 40

How do you lubricate a bolt?

Simply lubricate the screw before driving it in and it will make the process much easier. We used beeswax polish to lubricate this screw, but you can also use candle wax, petroleum jelly or silicone spray lubricant.

What is the best lubricant for rusted bolts?

If the bolt is stuck in place because of rust, you can use a bolt loosening spray such as WD-40 Penetrant Spray. This penetrating oil provides deep lubrication to loosen the nut or screw.

Should you use threadlocker on head bolts?

Do NOT use Loctite on the nuts for the head studs or main studs. Always ensure that the threads are clean prior to applying any lube. When using Loctite, make sure you assemble the parts before the Loctite cures. You can use Loctite instead of ARP Ultra-Torque, but do not use them together.

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Should Loctite be used on head bolts?

I do not recommend using loctite on any cylinder head bolt or nut. I do recommend loctite for installing studs in the block, if approved by the manufacturer. I always use anti-sieze compound on exhaust studs, bolts or nuts.

Should I oil screws?

It’s expected that a ball screw, with metal-on-metal rolling contact between the balls and the raceways, will require periodic lubrication with either grease or oil. … In fact, in some lead screw applications and operating conditions, lubrication can benefit both performance and life.

Can you reuse head bolts on a 350 Chevy?

Can I reuse head bolts? … A head bolt should not be reused if the threads are galled or badly damaged. Chasing damaged head bolt threads with a die will clean up the threads but also remove material (metal) and undermine the head bolt’s ability to torque down and hold to specs.