You asked: Who makes Headhunter bolts?

Barnett Headhunter 20″ arrows specifically made for superior performance with crossbows. Available as a 5-pack. 5 Reviews.

Who makes Barnett Headhunter Bolts?

These top quality 20″ carbon arrows are made specifically for Barnett crossbows. Get peak performance from your crossbow. Half moon nocks installed Inserts installed Fletched with 3″ vanes.

What grain are Barnett Headhunter Bolts?

Featuring 100-grain field points, these arrows are ready to shoot right out of the pack and offer a superior level of penetration. The shafts are constructed from carbon, and feature moon nocks. Barnett® Headhunter Arrows are ideal for use with appropriate Barnett crossbows and come in a pack of 5.

How much does a headhunter crossbow bolt weight?

270 and the weight is 24 grains.

Do crossbow bolts come with field points?

Most crossbow packages you buy will include bolts with target practice field points. You will have to buy the hunting broadheads separately.

What grain bolt should I use?

A heavier bolt, at least 400 grains not including the head, will have better downrange energy and offer better penetration. Keep in mind that even though a bolt will leave the rail quickly, a heavier bolt will quickly lose power as it flies.

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What arrows to use for crossbow?

Crossbow arrows are either aluminum or carbon shafts—with a flat-capped, “moon,” capture nock, or grooved Omni-Nock—that align with the bowstring when loaded. Make sure you only use the nocks that are specified by the crossbow arrow’s manufacturer. Using the wrong nock can cause the crossbow to dry fire.

What Nock do Barnett Crossbows use?

Barnett manual says to use half moon nocks. This is due to the way the string sits when the crossbow is cocked.

Do crossbow bolts spin?

The answer: Zero. Yep, you read that right. Most folks believe that an arrow in flight rotates rapidly as it sails downrange. However, high-speed photography shows that a carbon shaft straight-fletched with standard 2-inch plastic vanes does not even rotate one time at 30 yards from a bow shooting about 260 fps.

How long do crossbow bolts last?

Regular maintenance plays a major roll in the overall performance, accuracy, effectiveness and life of a crossbow. The owner’s manual that comes with every crossbow will be the best guide here, but under normal use cables and strings should be replaced every three years or so — sooner if needed.

How much should a crossbow bolt weight?

weigh-in between 350 to 399 grains, standard weight crossbow bolts range from 400 to 459 grains, and heavyweight crossbow bolts weigh-in at a hefty 460 grains and above.