You asked: What is the grip length of a bolt in aircraft?

For bolts with drilled head add letter “H” after AN number. See illustrated examples. The length of AN aircraft bolts is measured from under the head to the end of the shank. The “grip” is the unthreaded portion of the shank.

What is a bolt grip length?

Grip length refers to the unthreaded shank of the screw and it is measured from underneath the flange head to the beginning of threads. Grip lengths of a Prairie Bolt™ are available in 1/8” increments.

How long is the grip length on an aircraft bolt?

GRIP LENGTH or GRIP is the distance from the base of the head to the first thread on the shank. The first number after the ‘AN’ designates bolt diameter in 16th of an inch. The trailing ‘A’ designator indicates no hole in threaded portion of the bolt. An ‘H’ designates a hole in the hex head of the bolt.

How do you measure bolt grip size?

Find the last digits of the NAS- or MS-part number for the given bolt in question. The digits will follow either an A, L or a dash. Divide the number by 16 to find the grip length in inches. For example, the part number NAS464-5L20 has 20 for the last digits, so dividing by 16 indicates a grip length of 1 1/4 inches.

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What is grip bolt?

AN bolts are called out by grip length, and they have shorter threads. Grip refers to the unthreaded portion of the shank. This is the portion of the bolt that should bear against the inside of the hole.

What is the length of a AN4 7?


Diameter 0.2500″
Head Undrilled
Length 0.906″
Locking Mechanism Drilled Shank
Material Steel

How do you read Aircraft bolt sizes?

The number following the dash indicates the length in eighths (1/8) of an inch up to 7/8. If a bolt is longer than an inch the first digit is the number of inches and the second digit is the number of eighths. For example: AN3-12 is a bolt with 3/16 inch diameter and the length is 1 inch plus 2/8 or 1-1/4 inch long.

What size is an AN4 bolt?

AN4 bolts have a 1/4-28 UNF thread. All sizes of AN4 bolts have a 0.469 inch thread length (except AN4-3A, which has 0.406 inch thread length).

What is clamp length?

What is clamped length? Clamped length – LK – is the free length of a bolt that is stretched under tension, meaning: In a through-hole (A), the distance between the bolt head and the nut. In a blind hole (B) – or for a stud bolt (C) – the distance between the head (nut) and the first thread engaged in the tapped hole.

What is grip length?

Grip size conversion table

European Grip size US Grip size in inches
0 (L0 or G0) 4 inches
1 (L1 or G1) 4 1/8 inches
2 (L2 or G2) 4 1/4 inches
3 (L3 or G3) 4 3/8 inches
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How do you measure A325 bolt length?

The length of the bolt would need to be (3/8″ X 2) + 1 5/32″ = 1.90625″ rounding up on the size (increment by 1/4″ inch) would give us 3/4″ X 2″ A325 Structural Bolts.

How are NAS bolts measured?

How to Measure NAS Bolts

  1. Set the dial calipers to zero. …
  2. Measure the overall length of the NAS bolt from under the bolt head to the end of the threads. …
  3. Lay the open jaws of the caliper against the threads. …
  4. Subtract the overall head length from the thread length. …
  5. Confirm the grip by measuring it with the calipers.

What are bolts without heads called?

Double end bolts are sometimes called stud bolts and feature a threaded portion on each end of the bolt without a traditional head. One end is designed to be threaded into a suitable hole that has been tapped with a mated thread, while the other end protrudes and is threaded to support a nut.

What does an mean in aircraft bolts?

AN means the bolt is manufactured according to Air Force-Navy specs. 4 identifies the diameter of the bolt shank in 1/16″ increments. 4 identifies the length of the shank in 1/8″ increments.