You asked: What is a bike chainring bolt?

Chainring bolts perform the simple task of securing one or more chainrings to the chainset spider, and in the case of many MTBs, a bash guard as well. … The outer nut has a standard external diameter of 10mm so theoretically the bolts can be used to fit any chainset.

Do I need new chainring bolts?

Chainring bolts made of Steel or Titanium will typically last longer and can be re-used more times than aluminum bolts. They also handle torque better. Aluminum bolts are lighter and come in more colors. If the bolts look good and function smoothly, there is usually no reason to replace them.

Are all chainring bolts the same size?

Chainring Bolts come in many different lengths and are often referred to as single, double or triple which a rough guide only. … Single bolts are generally between 3.5 – 5.0mm Long. Double bolts are generally between 5.0 – 6.5mm long. Triple bolts are generally 7.0mm or longer.

Are chainring bolts universal?

The Chainring Bolts Fit for universal single chainring/chainwheel used.

How tight should chainring bolts be?

A Shimano “General Operations” manual states the tightening torque for road chainwheels is 12-14 N-m. For mountain bike chainwheels it’s upped to 14-16 N-m for large and middle ring and 16-17 N-m for the smallest ring of a triple.

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Do Shimano chainrings come with bolts?

The thing is that the bolts needed for the BB were a larger diameter than the ones with crank, so those are the ones I used. But every time I have bought a Shimano BB, they come with bolts, and every high end Shimano crankset also tends to come with bolts.

Can I replace chainring without removing crank?

Changing rings is not that difficult, and in some cases, it’s possible to replace chainrings without removing the crank. That possibility is limited by what ring sizes you’re using, but hey, it’s always nice when you can work smarter not harder. This trick works for most road cranks and some mountain cranks.

How do I know what chainring to buy?

The two main determinants on which size of chainrings you can use is the spider type and Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD). Cranks have either four or five bolt chainring attachment know as the spider. You can’t run 5-bolt chainrings on 4-bolt cranks and vice versa. Newer chainsets are 4 bolt while everything else is 5 bolt.

What size are Shimano chainring bolts?

Outer diameter of male bolt across threads is 7.7mm, outer diameter of female sleeve/nut is 9.6mm. Diameter of both across the pan head is 11.6mm. These are the measurements for a Shimano 5700 compact crank 50/34 stock chainrings, for future reference.

Are bicycle crank bolts universal?

The female-threaded “outer” part has a standard external diameter of 10mm, so any crank bolt will fit into any chainset. That does not, however, mean that any set of crank bolts will work for every chainset.

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What thread is a chainring bolt?

Bicycle Industry Threads

Nominal Thread Size Example of Bicycle Uses
8mm x 1.25mm Stem hardware, stud type crank nuts, suspension hardware
8mm x 0.75mm Chainring bolt
9mm x 1mm Front hubs, quick-release, Asian manufacturer
9mm x 26 tpi Front hubs, Campagnolo®

Do you grease chainring bolts?

Yes, grease the chainring bolts. You could try a very very weak thread lock, but grease is enough.