Why does a spanner Orange have a long handle?

Solution: (i) Spanner has a long handle to produce larger turning moments when a small force is applied at the handle end. (ii) The steering wheel is of large diameter to decrease the amount of force required to produce the turning effect.

Why do spanner handles get longer?

It is that quantity required to make a body rotate about an axis, similar to how forces are required to make a body accelerate. This torque is proportional to the distance between the force and the point (or centre) of rotation. Hence, spanners have long handles to generate larger torques.

Why the spanner used to tighten a nut has a long handle?

Because the longer the spanner is , the more is the perpendicular distance between the axis of spanner through which it rotates and the distance of your hand. And when perpendicular distance is more, less force is required. Try using the spanner by holding it with ur hand kept near the nut.

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Why is a spanner with a longer handle is easier to use than one with a shorter handle?

A long handled wrench loosens a bolt more easily than a short handled one because there is a longer lever arm. A longer lever arm will give a greater torque than a shorter one with the same applied force.

Which spanner will produce more turning effect of force also give reason for your answer?

Explanation: Longer spanners allow more mechanical advantage on the lever (= spanner): therefore easier to tighten to the appropriate torque – or undo.

Has a long handle Why?

Answer: A wrench has a long handle because the turning effect of a body depends upon the perpendicular distance of line of action of the applied force from the axis of rotation.

Why is a spanner with a long handle preferred to tighten screws in heavy vehicles?

Answer: A spanner with a long handle is preferred to tighten screw in heavy vehicles because it required less force to be applied. … When the length of the spanner’s lever arm (i.e.,) the handle is more, then less force is required to produce the moment of force.

Which spanner turns the bolt with the least effort?

The spanner with a longer handle can tighten nuts and bolts with less effort.

Why is Jack screw provided with a long arm?

A jack screw has a long arm so that less effort is required to rotate it to raise or lower the jack, which is used to lift a heavy load like a vehicle.

Why the handle of a door is usually placed as far as possible from the hinges?

Most doors open by rotating on a hinge. As such, they are opened through the application of torque. To make it as easy as possible to open the door, the knobs are placed as far from the hinge as is feasible. This maximizes the lever arm, reducing the amount of force needed to open the door.

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What lever is a spanner?

Spanner is also called as Wrench. Spanner is a second class lever, where load is in between fulcrum and applied force.

Where is the pivot in a spanner?

The pivot point is the central axis of the bolt on which the nut is being turned by the spanner. To tighten or loosen the nut you apply a force, to best advantage, at 90o to the spanner itself.

What is meant by couple in physics?

couple, in mechanics, pair of equal parallel forces that are opposite in direction.

What is turning effect of force called Class 11?

The turning effect of force is called Torque.(definition of torque).

What is moment of couple?

: the product of either of the forces of a couple by the perpendicular distance between them.