Who is the uncle in Turn of the Screw?

The children’s uncle—the man who hired the governess—is a wealthy resident of London who became the guardian of Flora and Miles when his brother, their father, died. After facing difficulties raising the two children, he sent them to Bly, his estate, where they were taken care of by Mrs.

Who are the main characters in The Turn of the Screw?

Character List

  • The Governess. The protagonist of the novella, a twenty-year-old woman who has been put in charge of educating and supervising Flora and Miles at the country estate of Bly. …
  • Mrs. Grose. …
  • Miles. A ten-year-old boy, the elder of the governess’s two charges. …
  • Flora. …
  • The Children’s Uncle. …
  • Peter Quint. …
  • Miss Jessel. …
  • Luke.
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Was the governess in love with the uncle?

In the prologue to the governess’ manuscript, the characters speculate about the governess’ affection for a certain man. Even Douglas, who claims to have known the governess, says: “Yes, she was in love.

Did the governess Kiss miles?

Miles asserts that he wants a different environment with such serenity that the governess throws herself onto him with embraces. Miles lets her kiss him, then tells her to “let [him] alone.” The governess again tries to pry from him the reason for his expulsion.

Why does Mrs Grose think the governess should write to the uncle?

Grose suggests that the Governess write to the children’s uncle to tell him about what’s happening, which she refuses to do – after all, she promised him that she would never contact him, and she doesn’t want to let him down. She threatens to leave if the housekeeper summons him.

Why did Peter Quint possess miles?

As their relationship evolved, his abusive behaviors began to manifest. Once the Lady of the Lake murdered him, Peter discovered that he could possess Miles after growing incredibly angry at the woman who created the ghostly gravitational pull that plagues Bly Manor.

What secret does the governess keep from her employer?

An eight-year-old girl, the governess loves Flora, she is disturbed that she seems strangely impersonal and indifferent about herself. The governess eventually becomes convinced that Flora sees the ghost of Miss Jessel but keeps these sightings secret. The governess’s employer, a bachelor who lives in London.

How does the governess feel about the uncle?

The children’s uncle—the man who hired the governess—is a wealthy resident of London who became the guardian of Flora and Miles when his brother, their father, died. … The governess has a deep respect for him and his opinion of her capabilities as the children’s caretaker.

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Is Douglas Miles Turn of the Screw?

the Miles-Douglas grid, a much more consistent explanation is at hand – that the governess’ story is simply that – a story, a piece of fiction. … The Turn of the Screw thus may be seen as a palimpsest, a ghost story covering the love story meant only for the eyes of Douglas.

Does Mrs Grose believe the governess?

Mrs. Grose respects the governess and listens willingly to her claims to see ghosts and her concerns about Bly. Sometimes, though, Mrs. Grose seems to withhold information from the governess; she often stops short of full disclosure about such matters as the histories of the children and the estate’s past.

What does the governess see in the schoolroom?

The Governess is certain that Flora has gone out with Miss Jessel, while she’s sure that Quint is with Miles in the schoolroom now. The Governess is amazed by what she sees as Miles’s cleverness in eliminating her so that he and his sister could meet with their ghostly companions.

Who does the governess see on one of her walks What is her reaction?

For many days after this, the governess again goes to the staircase, but never again sees Quint. Once on one of her walks, she sees the back of a woman’s figure bent over as though in heavy mourning. One night the governess awakens to find that little Flora is again missing from her bed.

What does the governess do about Miles expulsion in Chapter 9?

The mystery of Miles’s expulsion remains problematic. The Governess tries to draw the truth out, but is unsuccessful. Mostly, she spends her time playing with the kids, and tries to be with them all the time so that the ghosts have no chance to edge their way in.

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Why does Miles threaten to bring his uncle to Bly in Chapters 14 and 17 of The Turn of the Screw?

Why does Miles threaten to bring his uncle to Bly in Chapters 14 and 17 of The Turn of the Screw? Miles may or may not be consorting with ghosts, but he clearly wants his independence and freedom. He feels trapped, as the governess does.

Where does the governess see Miss Jessel?

Miss Jessel appears to the Governess (and possibly Flora) by the lake. Prowling around the halls of the house late one night, the Governess sees Miss Jessel sitting miserably on the same staircase where she’d seen Quint earlier. Miss Jessel appears in the schoolroom but doesn’t speak. The Governess later tells Mrs.

What does the governess tell Mrs Grose to do at the end of Chapter 20?

Grose, saying that she must be able to see Miss Jessel. Mrs. Grose tells the governess that nothing is there, and that she thinks the governess has never seen anything at all, because—as she and Flora know—Miss Jessel is dead. … Grose to take her away from the governess.