Where is eccentricity bolt on bolt cutters?

All bolt cutters have a bolt known as eccentricity bolt on the head. It is usually the middle bolt near the handles joining area. It is this bolt that needs adjustment in order to provide the cutters with the needed tension. Place the cutter on their side.

What is the bolt on the side of bolt cutters for?

The adjustment bolts mounted on the jaws of bolt cutters can be used to alter the distance between the bevelled cutting edges along the length of the jaws. Turning the bolts will move the blades closer together or push them further apart, opening or closing the gap between them in its entirety.

How do you unlock a bolt cutter?

There’s a wire at the bottom that hooks across to the other handle. That’s the way you should have received them. Then you squeeze the handle and with one hand you’ll see how at the bottom, you can move the looped wire down so that the cutters can open up. Hope that helps.

Can bolt cutters cut hardened steel?

Large bolt cutters, which can be as long as 48 inches, can handle hardened steel rods, heavy chains, and thick threaded cable up to 7/16 of an inch in diameter.

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Is having bolt cutters illegal?

This means that there must be a criminal intent to do burglary with the tool or instrument. In general, the lockpicks themselves are not considered illegal in California. … Furthermore, it is illegal to carry a bolt-cutter in the state of California, with the criminal intent of breaking into a structure.

What can bolt cutters not cut through?

Bolt cutters come in an amazing array of types and sizes, each able to cut through various materials. Typically, bolt cutters are used for cutting heavy types of metals that mere shears can’t touch — bolts, wire, chain links, padlocks, and more.

Can a bolt cutter cut a Master Lock?

Try bolt cutters.

If you want to try to cut open the lock itself, cut the shackle. This will not work on most master locks, as they are made of case hardened steel.

Do bolt cutters need to be sharpened?

After using your bolt cutters for a while, you may notice that the blades have small dents and chips in them, which can often occur when they are used to cut through hardened steel. You can solve this problem by sharpening them.

Are bolt cutters easy to use?

Large bolt cutters can get through thick pieces of metal, but sometimes you need a smaller bolt cutter for things like, well, bolts. It can also be used to cut threaded rods, chains and wires. It’s a convenient handheld tool that can be used with one hand and kept in a pocket. The soft-touch grip makes it easy to use.

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How do you remove a lock without a bolt cutter?

How to Cut a Padlock Without Bolt Cutters (9 Quick & Easy Methods…

  1. Use an Angle Grinder. Image Credit: Pawel Michalowski, Shutterstock. …
  2. Use a Dremel. …
  3. Use a Propane Torch and Hacksaw.
  4. Use a Cutting Torch.
  5. Use a Hammer. …
  6. Use a Shim.
  7. Lock Picking.
  8. Use a Master Key.