What will you do if you Cannot remove a component using a screwdriver?

Do not use a flat head screwdriver to remove a Phillips head screw. Never use a screwdriver as a pry bar. If you cannot remove a component, check to see if there is a clip or latch that is securing the component in place. CAUTION: If excessive force is needed to remove or add a component, something is probably wrong.

What can go wrong when using a screwdriver?

Do not use a screwdriver for prying, punching, chiseling, scoring, scraping or stirring paint. Do not use pliers on the handle of a screwdriver for extra turning power. A wrench should only be used on the square screwdriver shank designed for that purpose. Do not expose a screwdriver blade to excessive heat.

Which of the following are safe practices when using screwdrivers?

Screwdriver safety

  • Do not use a screwdriver as a punch, wedge, pinch bar or pry.
  • Keep the tip clean and sharp to permit a solid grip on the tip of the screw.
  • Keep the handle of the screwdriver clean and intact to allow for a solid grip.
  • Never hold the piece you are working on in your hand.
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Do not scratch or hit any components when using these tools?

As shown in Figure 2-12, the part retriever, needle-nose pliers, or tweezers can be used to place and retrieve parts that can be hard to reach with your fingers. Do not scratch or hit any components when using these tools.

What are the cautions in using flat head screwdriver?

Demonstrate Proper Tool Use. A technician needs to be able to properly use each tool in the toolkit. This page covers many of the various hand tools used when repairing computers. Match each screw with the proper screwdriver.

What is the caution of component retrieving tools?

Component Retrieving Tools

Do not scratch or hit any components when using these tools. CAUTION: Pencils should not be used inside the computer to change the setting of switches or to pry off jumpers. The pencil lead can act as a conductor and may damage the computer components.

What can you do with a screwdriver?

You can use the screwdriver to wedge a door closed, or open, or scrape putty from a window, or stab an assailant, or a friend, commit suicide, or as an object of art, or tie it to a bamboo pole and spear fish, or rent the spear to others and collect 5 percent of the catch, or with a rock, chop (slowly) down a small …

What danger can be expected when using hand tools?

What are the main health concerns in working with hand tools? Along with common injuries such as cuts, lacerations, and bruises, the frequent and prolonged use of hand tools can cause soreness, aches, pains, and fatigue, which, when ignored, can lead to chronic musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) of various kinds.

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What will you do if a hand tool is damaged due to misuse?

If a tool is defective, remove it from service, and tag it clearly “Out of service for repair”. Replace damaged equipment immediately – do not use defective tools “temporarily”. Have tools repaired by a qualified person – do not attempt field repairs.

What is the importance of knowing the appropriate hand tools?

The importance of having knowledge in using the appropriate tools for computer system services is knowing what tools you need in different situations, like what to use if there are screws that need to be removed or put back.

What is the importance of knowing the appropriate hand tools for computer hardware servicing?

Having the appropriate cleaning tools is essential when maintaining and repairing computers. Using the appropriate cleaning tools helps ensure that computer components are not damaged during cleaning.

What is the safety tips for part retriever?

Reduce the chance of an accident by following the below safety measures.

  • Inspect regularly. Regularly inspect your tools to make sure that they are in good condition.
  • Wear gloves. …
  • Carry with care. …
  • Don’t pocket sharp objects. …
  • Be aware of your surroundings. …
  • Use the right tools. …
  • Follow instructions. …
  • Clean and return.

What is the importance of flat head screwdriver?

A “slotted flat blade screwdriver” is a long standard hand-tool dating back to the 1500s. It has a flat-bladed tip used to turn, fasten or loosen screws and bolts. The flat blade screwdriver is an extremely versatile tool and is used for fasteners of all sizes, providing significant leverage.

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How do you properly use a flat head screwdriver?

Hold the tip of the screwdriver with one hand as you turn its handle with the other. Grasp the handle with your dominant hand and the tip with your other as close to the head of the screw as you can. Apply enough force to turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten the screw and the opposite direction to loosen it.

Why is a screwdriver important?

screwdriver, tool, usually hand-operated, for turning screws with slotted heads. For screws with one straight diametral slot cut across the head, standard screwdrivers with flat blade tips and in a variety of sizes are used.