What type of screws are blue?

BLUE-TAP concrete screws are coated for corrosion resistance. They have passed comprehensive testing for extreme weather conditions. Blue Tap Concrete Anchors are approved and comply with the Florida Building Code, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

What are the blue screws called?

Blue coated anchor screws are used to attach materials to concrete, concrete block or brick. Concrete anchor screws are ACQ Treated Lumber compatible.

What size are blue screws?

The standard blue screw comes in two diameters of 3/16” and 1/4” while large diameter Tapcons comes in of 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”. The diameter of the blue screw to use for any application is determined by the holding values required, by the diameter of the hole in the fixture or if an engineer has specified it.

Why are screws blued?

Blued steel screws are some of the most well known features of a high-end watch movement. … The blue colour of the steel is actually an oxide layer on the surface of the steel that comes about when it is heated to a specific temperature. Different temperatures result in other colours such as straw, brown, purple.

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Are concrete screws always blue?

These screws have special threading for tapping holes in concrete and typically have a blue coating on them. They are traditionally available in either a Phillips flat head for flush or finishing applications or in a hex washer head for all other applications.

What is the blue coating on concrete screws?

Tapcon® is the #1 recognized screw anchor brand in the industry. The blue, corrosion-resistant coating enables them to withstand the harshest conditions. And their unmatched performance in concrete, block and brick applications make them an excellent alternative to expansion anchors, plugs and lag shields.

Do blue concrete screws need a pilot hole?

Unlike self-drilling screws which do not need pilot holes due to their drill bit end, self-tapping screws like concrete screws do require the user to mark a spot for the pilot hole. … Match the head of the concrete screw to a drill bit and slowly drive it into the material in question, maintaining a steady pressure.

What color are concrete screws?

The Climaseal coating is blue and is a distinctive product identifier. Most generic concrete screws use a blue color to identify their screw, which can mislead the customers into thinking that the screws are Tapcons.

What are Tapcon screws?

Tapcon anchors are masonry screws designed with Advanced Threadform Technology , which cuts threads into all masonry materials including concrete, block and brick.

What is bluing on metal?

Bluing is a passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust using a black oxide coating. It is named after the blue-black appearance of the resulting protective finish.

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What is Blue steel Metal?

WHAT IS BLUE STEEL? … A thin layer of blue-black iron oxide will cover the surface of the steel and give it the beautiful blue and shiny appearance. So Blue Steel is a perfectly NATURAL material and VERY DURABLE. This layer of oxide helps to protect against rust but does not make the metal rust-free.

Can you fire blue stainless steel?

You can use heat to change the color of stainless steel. … However, stainless steel is limited in its color. While it is possible to paint or tint stainless steel, the only ways to permanently alter the color are through chemical changes or heat.

Can you heat color stainless steel?

Just get a torch and heat it up until it’s the color you want. … So if you have, for example, 309 or 316 stainless, those temps will be off a bit, but the color progression will be the same.