What screws to use on smart siding?

Use minimum 8d (0.113 inch diameter shank), hot-dipped galvanized (ASTM A153 or equal) nails with a 0.270 inch diameter head for 38 Series and 76 Series panels when fastening to wood framing. Do not use electroplated fasteners.

Can you staple smart siding?

Do not force siding into place. DO NOT USE STAPLES. Climb cut the surface of the siding such that the rotation of the blade cuts downward on the primed or prefinished surface.

How much should LP Smartside overlap?

Overlap successive courses by a minimum of one inch, and remember to stagger your joints over stud locations for a more natural appearance. Once your trim and siding is hung, it’s time to seal all expansion joints and corner joints with an ASTM C920, Class 25 sealant.

Does LP smart siding rot?

It is designed to hold up to punishing ultraviolet light and it won’t rot, split, warp or curl. LP SmartSide has gained an equally loyal fanbase for similar reasons, plus it is lighter and easier to install than James Hardie. There are fewer seams in SmartSide trim and lap siding and it’s really impact resistant.

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How thick is LP smart siding trim?

Available in two thicknesses 4/4 (0.625″ actual thickness) or 5/4 (0.910″ actual thickness). These products are excellent for use as corner boards, around doors, and windows. All trim boards come in 16-foot lengths which can make installation faster.

How often do you nail LP smart siding?

Installing Trim on Vertical Corners

This will give your trim a seamless look from a curb appeal view. All LP SmartSide trim should be fastened with the nails spaced a maximum of 24 inches apart, with at least two nails in each stud. Or you may fasten every 12 inches with a pattern alternating edges along the trim.

Does LP SmartSide need to be nailed into studs?

When strips are required, they must be installed VERTICALLY and nailed into wall studs, 16 in (405 mm) O.C., over the full height of the wall.

How much does LP SmartSide weigh?

Either product can be positioned and secured into place by one worker without assistance. Fiber cement is by far the heaviest of the three at roughly 2.5 pounds per square foot.

What kind of nail gun do I need for LP siding?

Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. While it’s recommended to always use a siding nail gun for siding installation, in a pinch, you may be able to use a framing nailer instead.

Can you screw LP SmartSide?

Nail & Screw Requirements

LP SmartSide has three product categories: Precision Series, Foundations and Architectural Collection. When installing Precision Series lap in this application, you may use 0.091″ diameter, hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails or #8 hot-dipped galvanized tapered head wood screws.

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Do you need to prime LP SmartSide?

According to the terms of LP’s application instructions, all exposed edges of LP® SmartSide® siding and trim must be primed and painted with approved paint to protect the siding substrate. … Therefore, do not prime the back side of the siding or trim.