What screws do I use for plasterboard in the ceiling?

What screws should I use for ceiling?

Choosing the right drywall screw

  • Most common — 1-1/4”: Use 1-1/4” drywall screws to secure 1/2″ drywall installed on wood-stud walls. …
  • Less common — 1-5/8”: To prevent sags, thicker drywall measuring 5/8” is used on ceilings.

What screws to use to put up plasterboard?

Use 38mm plasterboard screws to fix the board to the joists and noggings. Screws are a better bet than nails for renovation projects, where hammering can potentially disturb or damage the joists. Fixings should be made every 150mm.

How many screws do I need for a plasterboard ceiling?

Use about 32 drywall screws per sheet of 4-foot by 8-foot drywall installed horizontally on a wall. This total is comprised of four screws on the five middle studs and six screws on each of the two sides.

What thickness plasterboard should you use on a ceiling?

For a standard wall, you should purchase plasterboard with a thickness of 12mm and for a ceiling, the preferable thickness of drywall is around 12.5mm.

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Can you use 9.5 mm plasterboard on ceilings?

Plasterboard is an important part of the interior construction of most buildings. … The most common plasterboard thickness is 9.5mm and 12.5mm. For ceilings is used 9.5mm thick plasterboard and for walls – 12.5mm.

What is Type S screw?

S-type screws are designed for attaching drywall onto metal. Their sharp points make penetrating the surface easier. W-type screws, on the other hand, are longer and thinner. They are designed for installing drywall onto wood.

What size screws 3/8 drywall?

Drywall screws are manufactured in various sizes to better accommodate each individual job. Screws that measure 1-1/4 inch in length are appropriate for sheets of drywall that are 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8 of an inch thick, while screws that measure 1-3/8 inches are meant for sheets of drywall up to ¾ of an inch thick.

Do you need special screws for plasterboard?

Plasterboard should be positioned with a small gap between each sheet – no greater than 3mm. … The screw length should be such that the screw penetrates the timber by about 25mm (1 inch) i.e. for 9.5mm thick plasterboard use 32mm long screws, or for 12.5mm thick plasterboard use 38mm long screws.

Can you use normal screws in plasterboard?

Using screws directly into drywall should be kept to light static loads. Since you don’t have a drill, perhaps consider these metal hammer-in plasterboard fixings. They’re designed for plaster, but I’ve used them to hang a coat rack on drywall and they worked perfectly.

Can you screw into plasterboard?

The initial fixing can be screwed directly into plasterboard using only a screw driver and the application of sufficient pressure. Once the fixing is into the plasterboard it can be used to fit all manner of brackets and other lightweight applications to the wall.

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How long should drywall screws be for ceiling?

If you’re using 5/8″ drywall for the ceiling you should use at least 1 5/8″ coarse threaded drywall screws. This gives you 1″ to screw into the joist. Screw sizes less than 1 5/8″ may stop the drywall from being properly attached to the joist.

What size screws 15mm plasterboard?

For a single layer of 12.5mm board and a single layer of 15mm board use 25mm Gyproc Drywall Screws. Take care to ensure the screw-fixing through the plasterboard is not driven into the joist. layer, insert 32mm Gyproc Drywall Screws and 42mm when over boarding with 12.5mm board.

What is the maximum spacing for screw fixing plasterboard to a ceiling?

Table 6: Acceptable fixing centres and fixings

Fixing Location and spacing Coating
Screw Ceilings: approximately 230mm centres (eight per two linear metres) Walls: approximately 300mm centres (five per linear metre) Zinc electroplated or black phosphate (or to the board manufacturer’s recommendations)