What kind of bolts do you use for exhaust?

What type of bolts should be used on exhaust?

Best is to go stainless. 316 class stainless best pairs to the load characteristics of the exhaust man bolts, but are difficult to find. Commonly accessible, but much pricier than regular alloy steel bolts, are ARP’s and the 17-4 PH bolts offered by RMS.

Are stainless bolts good for exhaust?

Re: Stainless bolts for exhaust manifolds

I’m 99.99999% sure they use stainless bolts on jet exhausts as it won’t react with the titanium like cad plated hardware will. If it works there, it should be FINE on an air cooled engine exhaust.

Can I use stainless steel bolts for exhaust manifold?

There’s nothing wrong with them on exhaust systems but you really can’t put any serious torque on them because they are much lower tensile strength than alloy steel. They will stretch more so have to be tightened more than once after break in (in this application.

Do I need special bolts for headers?

For secure fitment, header bolts need maximum thread engagement, without bottoming out in the cylinder head. … Most headers with 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch thick flanges will use bolts with a 3/4-inch UHL, while 3/8-inch thick flanges normally require bolts with a 1-inch UHL.

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Can I use regular bolts on my exhaust?

Are exhaust bolts special? Exhausts are not high stress areas so the bolts can be 8.8 or even softer. We used to use brass nuts on exhaust manifolds so the nut could be easily cut off in the unlikely event it seized. Grade 4.6, 4.8 or 5.8 should be all be fine.

What kind of bolts do cars use?

Grade 8 bolts are made of a medium carbon alloy steel that is also quenched and tempered and are the most durable bolts you can purchase for automotive use.

What are exhaust manifold nuts made of?

Registered. Copper exhaust nuts are not copper through and through, they’re steel nuts with a heavy copper plating and the last couple of threads are crimped slightly to grip the stud so they loosen off.