What it means screwed up?

If you say that someone is screwed up, you mean that they are very confused or worried, or that they have psychological problems. [informal] He was really screwed up with his emotional problems.

What does screwed me up mean?

1. verb To make a big mistake or blunder; to mishandle or ruin something. … verb To damage or confuse someone’s emotional or mental state. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “screw” and “up.” Living with abusive parents really screwed him up. The divorce screwed me up for a long time.

Is screwed up a bad word?

“Screwed up” is not as vulgar as “Fuck up” and is commonly used in casual circumstance. I personally would not use this when speaking with an employer or in more formal situation.

Is screw it rude?

2. verb, rude slang Used as an imperative to express utter contempt, disdain, or disregard for someone or something. A: “Get out of here, pal.” B: “I have every right to be here, so screw you!” Man, screw this. … noun, vulgar slang Sexual intercourse.

Whats the meaning of screw it?

informal + impolite. : forget it Screw it, I’m not waiting around forever.

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