What is the storyline of The Turn of the Screw?

The Turn of the Screw traces the story of a young, inexperienced governess who is charged with the care of Miles and Flora, two small orphaned children abandoned by their uncle at his grand country house. The governess sees the figure of an unknown man on the tower and his face at the window; she also sees a woman.

What does the end of Turn of the Screw mean?

On the surface, the conclusion of The Turn of the Screw seems to resolve the question of the governess’s reliability in her favor. When Miles dies, there seems to be little explanation for this occurrence other than the governess’s—he has been dispossessed, and this has killed him. …

What is the climax of The Turn of the Screw?

The climax of The Turn of the Screw is the final scene, in which the governess finally speaks to Miles about his expulsion from school.

What do the ghosts represent in Turn of the Screw?

As Miles’ behavior in school worsens so that he is prevented from returning, and as Flora becomes ill with a fever, the governess blames these ghosts for corrupting the children, Miles and Flora, and labels them as evil and manipulative forces in their lives.

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What is the main conflict in Turn of the Screw?

The Major conflict in “The Turn of the Screw” was between the governess and the two ghosts, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. The governess felt that the two ghosts were trying to sexually corrupt the two children under her care.

What is the setting in Turn of the Screw?

Screw takes place entirely at Bly: a large, imposing country mansion and estate in Essex, England. It’s a period piece set around the 1840s. The atmospheric setting strongly imitates the narrative.

What is the significance of the title Turn of the Screw?

The title “The Turn of the Screw is a metaphor for what happens to the governess n the story. Consider that the purpose of a screw is to tighten something and hold it into place. If you turn it too tightly, either it will break, or what it is attached to will break.

What does the governess think of flora?

Like Miles, Flora might be either angelic or diabolical. She appears to be a completely wonderful little girl, even preternaturally so, well behaved and a pleasure to be around. The governess thinks Flora possesses “extraordinary charm” and is the “most beautiful child” she has laid eyes on.

Who is the antagonist in Turn of the Screw?

Peter Quint and Miss Jessel

The specter of Peter Quint is the most obvious antagonist here. He’s a kind of embodiment of evil itself; the Governess’s descriptions of him make it clear that he emanates some sort of malevolent force.

What characters are introduced in the exposition of The Turn of the Screw?

A guest named Douglas introduces a story that involves two children—Flora and Miles—and his sister’s governess, with whom he was in love. After procuring the governess’s written record of events from his home, he provides a few introductory details.

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