What is the maximum distance anchor bolts can be placed apart in the sill plates in Lane County Oregon?

Wood sill plates at all exterior walls and sole plates on interior braced walls on a slab foundation are required to be anchored to the foundation with a minimum of ½ inch diameter anchor bolts spaced not more than 6 feet apart.

What is the maximum spacing for anchor bolts on a sill plate?

According to the International Building Code (IBC), the maximum spacing allowed is 6 feet (1829 mm) on center for exterior wall wood sole and sill plates supported directly on masonry or concrete foundations. For buildings over two stories in height, the maximum spacing decreases to 4 feet on center (1219 mm).

How far apart should anchor bolts be placed?

Placement is approximately every 6 to 8 feet depending on code, with one not more than 12 inches from each end of a wall bottom plate. Make sure not to put a J-bolt in the middle of a doorway.

What is the maximum spacing of the anchor bolts for 1 story house?

Anchor bolts shall fasten sill plates to concrete floors a maximum of 6 feet (1,829 mm) on center. Anchor bolts shall fasten sill plates to the top of concrete or masonry walls a maximum of 4 feet (1,219 mm) on center.

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What is the minimum number of anchor bolts required for anchoring a 12 foot section of wood sill plate to a foundation?

There shall be a minimum of two bolts per plate section with one bolt located not more than 12 inches (305 mm) or less than seven bolt diameters from each end of the plate section.

Where should anchor bolts be placed?

If you are using anchor bolts for concrete slabs or foundations it’s important to place the bolt in the concrete so it’s in the center of the wall. For 2 x 6 walls, the bolt would be 2 3/4 inches from the outer edge and for 2 x 4 walls the anchor bolt would be 1 3/4 inches from the edge.

How close can you put concrete anchors?

Rule: Concrete fasteners should not be set closer than 10-anchor diameters from each other.

How many anchor bolts minimum are required in a plate anchored to a foundation?

There shall be a minimum of two bolts or anchor straps per piece with one bolt or anchor strap located not more than 12 inches (305 mm) or less than 4 inches (102 mm) from each end of each piece. A properly sized nut and washer shall be tightened on each bolt to the plate.

How do you measure anchor bolt length?

For bent-bar anchors, the effective embedment length is measured parallel to the bolt axis from the masonry surface to the bearing surface on the bent end minus one anchor bolt diameter.

How deep should anchor bolts be in Brick?

Drill a hole in the masonry behind the bolt holes. Ensure the hole is the specified diameter – at least a quarter of an inch deeper than the length of the anchor. Insert the anchor into the hole.

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