What does bolt from the blue mean?

: a complete surprise : something totally unexpected.

How do you use a bolt from the blue?

It was a bolt from the blue and in this case it affects me. I do not think hostilities have ever been begun except by something rather approaching a bolt from the blue. This latest development came to many of us who are concerned about the problem as a bolt from the blue. That came like a bolt from the blue.

Where does the saying bolt from the blue come from?

The earliest citation is Thomas Carlyle, in The French Revolution, 1837: “Arrestment, sudden really as a bolt out of the Blue, has hit strange victims.” English versions of this expression probably derive as translations of the work of the Roman lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus, better known as Horace.

Should come to you like a bolt from the blue?

COMMON If an event or a piece of news is, or comes like, a bolt from the blue, it is completely unexpected. A Foreign Office spokesman had described the coup as `a bolt from the blue’. Note: You can also say that something is, or comes like, a bolt out of the blue.

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What does the phrase into the blue mean?

To dive into the blue means to leave without a trace. To go “into the unknown or the far distance”, says the Collins Dictionary, simply put ting it. It can also be used en passant or hide countless meanings of the human emotional experience.

What does a chip of the old block mean?

An expression used of people who closely resemble their parents in some way: “Mark just won the same sailboat race his father won twenty years ago; he’s a chip off the old block.”

What is the meaning of the idiom a bolt out of a clear sky?

If something happens out of a clear blue sky, it happens completely unexpectedly, with no warning. … Note: This expression compares an unexpected event to a bolt of lightning from a blue sky.

What does a fish out of water mean?

A person away from his or her usual environment or activities. For example, Using a computer for the first time, Carl felt like a fish out of water, or On a hiking trail, Nell was a fish out of water. This expression alludes to the fact that fish cannot survive for long on dry land. [ Late 1300s]

What does the idiom When Pigs Fly mean?

Definition of when pigs fly

—used to say that one thinks that something will never happen The train station will be renovated when pigs fly.

What is the meaning of the idiom left handed compliment?

Also, backhanded compliment. An insult in the guise of an expression of praise. For example, She said she liked my hair, but it turned out to be a left-handed compliment when she asked how long I’d been dyeing it .

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What does it mean to take a French leave?

noun. Sometimes Offensive. a departure without ceremony, permission, or notice: Taking French leave, he evaded his creditors.

What does law unto itself mean?

Definition of a law unto oneself

: a person who acts in a way that shows he or she does not care what kind of behavior other people think is acceptable I’ve warned him that he can’t keep behaving this way, but he seems to think that he’s a law unto himself.

What does over awe mean?

transitive verb. : to restrain or subdue by awe.

What does into the blue again mean?

Completely gone or disappeared; entirely out of sight or reach; without a trace.

What does into the black mean?

The expression “in the black” is used to refer to a company’s profitability and current financial health. A company is said to be in the black if it is profitable or, more specifically, if the company produces positive earnings after accounting for all expenses.

What does I’m in the blue mean?

Urban Dictionary defines “in the blue” as: When an iMessage conversation you’re having with someone you’re interested in is really one sided so your blue text overwhelms her/his grey text.