What does a door bolt go into?

The bolt extends from the cylinder into a small square shaped hole—this is the “box”. It is designed to hold the bolt securely in the doorframe when the lock is engaged. The metal plate, which attaches to the frame of the door, is the strike plate.

What is the thing called that the door lock goes into?

The Bolt: Also called the latch, the bolt engages the inside of the door. There is a piece of metal that extends from the door into the frame itself. This bolt is used to hold it closed. The Box:The bolt extends from the cylinder into a hole that is designed to fit the bolt perfectly.

How do you put a bolt on a door?

How to Fit a Door Bolt and Door Keep

  1. Decide on Height of Door Latch. …
  2. Mark First Screw Hole and Drill Pilot Hole. …
  3. Screw on Door Bolt in First Screw Hole. …
  4. Level Door Bolt and Mark Second Screw Hole. …
  5. Insert Remaining Screws. …
  6. Mark Fixings for Door Keep. …
  7. Chisel out Architrave if Needed. …
  8. Tidy up the Recess.
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What is the door bolt?

A door bolt is a type of lock that is used to keep doors shut. They are often fastened with padlocks for extra security.

What is a door latch guard?

Door latch guards prevent unauthorized access to the latch bolt on a lock set, which helps deter break-ins and avoid repairs. They are commonly used with mortise and cylindrical lock sets and can be installed in both left- and right-facing applications.

What size hole do I drill for door latch?

The standard sized bore hole is 2 1/8″ in diameter. Through the edge of the door there is a 1″ cross bore that extends from the edge of the door through the bore hole. This cross bore is where the latch is installed. In addition to the two cross bores, a door can be prepped for one of 3 different types of latches.

How does a necked bolt work?

Necked door bolts are a variation of the basic barrel design with a curved or angled bolt head to reinforce a larger area. They will function both horizontally and vertically. Flush bolts are designed for use on double doors, especially those where one side is typically unused for long periods.

Can you put a deadbolt on any door?

All the exterior doors of your house should have deadbolts – even the ones that lead to the garage or to a closed-in patio. As long as you don’t have a steel door, installing a deadbolt is a job that you can do yourself, including making the cutout to chiseling in the strike.

Does deadbolt go on top or bottom?

Typically, a deadbolt lock appears 6″ or 12″ inches above the key lock (roughly 44″ from the bottom of the door). With help from your tape measure, pick your spot and mark it on the side of the door (the part through which the bolt is going to extend).

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What is the difference between a deadbolt and a deadlock?

Well, deadlocks and deadbolts are the same in that they both need a key to lock. However, while a deadlock can only be unlocked in deadlock mode with a key, deadbolts can be locked and unlocked with a key and have a metal lock that extends from the door into the wall.

What are the holes in doors called?

A peephole, peekhole, spyhole, doorhole, magic mirror or door viewer, is a small opening through a door allowing the viewer to look from the inside to the outside.

What is the strike plate on a door?

Strike Plate

This is the plate the latch-tongue, or deadbolt-tongue will connect with. It should sit flush with the door jamb. Any passage or privacy set needs to have a strike plate for the door to latch. Additionally, deadbolts need a strike plate to properly lock.