What are chainring bolts used for?

Chainring bolts perform the simple task of securing one or more chainrings to the chainset spider, and in the case of many MTBs, a bash guard as well.

Do I need new chainring bolts?

Chainring bolts made of Steel or Titanium will typically last longer and can be re-used more times than aluminum bolts. They also handle torque better. Aluminum bolts are lighter and come in more colors. If the bolts look good and function smoothly, there is usually no reason to replace them.

How tight should chainring bolts be?

A Shimano “General Operations” manual states the tightening torque for road chainwheels is 12-14 N-m. For mountain bike chainwheels it’s upped to 14-16 N-m for large and middle ring and 16-17 N-m for the smallest ring of a triple.

Do chainring bolts need grease?

In other words all metal to metal threads should be greased or thread-locked…. this seems to be the rule. Yes, grease the chainring bolts. You could try a very very weak thread lock, but grease is enough.

Do Shimano chainrings come with bolts?

The thing is that the bolts needed for the BB were a larger diameter than the ones with crank, so those are the ones I used. But every time I have bought a Shimano BB, they come with bolts, and every high end Shimano crankset also tends to come with bolts.

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What are chainring bolts?

Chainring bolts perform the simple task of securing one or more chainrings to the chainset spider, and in the case of many MTBs, a bash guard as well. … The outer nut has a standard external diameter of 10mm so theoretically the bolts can be used to fit any chainset.

Do you need Loctite on chainring bolts?

It won’t harm anything. But it’s not needed. When properly tightened, chainring bolts don’t come loose.

Do you put Loctite on chainring bolts?

Chainring bolts don’t need much torque and they rarely come loose (i’m inclined to say never). Loctite will just make removal more difficult, and generous coat of grease will prevent corrosion just fine in practice.

Are all chainring bolts the same size?

Chainring Bolts come in many different lengths and are often referred to as single, double or triple which a rough guide only. … Single bolts are generally between 3.5 – 5.0mm Long. Double bolts are generally between 5.0 – 6.5mm long. Triple bolts are generally 7.0mm or longer.

Do I grease crank bolts?

So for our René Herse cranks, we recommend that you lightly grease the crank spindle. … Crank bolts can loosen over time, but that does not mean that you should re-tighten them. Instead, remove your cranks every couple of years and inspect them for cracks. (You should do this with all cranks, no matter the brand.)

What is copper grease?

Copper grease is an anti seize compound designed to operate at extremes of temperature. Note, it is not a lubricant. It is often used to help prevent seizing and corrosion at high temperatures in the automotive industry.

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Should you grease bike bolts?

@ChristianLindig It’s the norm for manufacturers to not recommend greasing the taper, but greasing the bolts is a pretty universal practice.

Are all 4 bolt chainrings the same?

On a chainring with 4 bolts, the BCD is the distance between two bolts across from each other. … If this is the case, then the distance between adjacent bolts will be different as you move around the chainring and standard chainrings will not fit.