Should I replace pressure plate bolts?

the old ones are stretched out and not as strong anymore, just replace em, not to expensive and will save you a lot more money if something actually does happen.

Can I reuse flex plate bolts?

Its ok to reuse them, just put a little loctite on them when reinstalling.

Can you reuse a pressure plate?

If it’s in good shape and working right now, no reason you cannot re-use it. A brand new clutch set has to wear in and “find a home” as they say, and your new clutch disc will do the same with your used pressure plate.

Do pressure plate bolts need washers?

Use the lock washers, most pressure plate bolts are made with lock washers that don’t come off. My thinking is Loctite will weaken when the pressure plate gets hot.

How do I know if my pressure plate is bad?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Clutch Pressure Plate

  1. Difficulty shifting gears.
  2. Clutch may slip or shudder.
  3. Engine will “rev,” but speed will not increase/vehicle will not move.
  4. Abnormal noise from clutch area.

Are flex plate bolts torque to yield?

Factory flexplate bolts are torque to yield. … Bolts are sold individually.

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Can torque converter bolts be reused?

Premium Member. I reuse factory torque converter bolts on a daily basis without any issues. I do agree with what was said before that most likely your factory converter bolts are bottoming out on the tips before the head gets a good seat which is probably the root cause of the issue.

Do clutch pressure plates go bad?

With a clutch’s lifespan averaging 90,000 miles, problems are relatively rare. However, factors such as driving habits, fluid leaks and extreme conditions can shorten this life expectancy, resulting in signs indicating the clutch plate disc or pressure plate have gone bad.

How do you clean a clutch pressure plate?

Use acetone or lacquer thinner to clean the pressure plate and flywheel friction surfaces. Remember not to use grease or oil on these surfaces and clean your hands before handling the parts. Position the pressure plate and clutch disk using an alignment tool (clutch pilot tool) against the flywheel.

Can you reuse steel clutch plates?

you can reuse them but you WILL be going back in again before long. take a green scrubby (like you use to wash dishes) and some oil/solvent and scrub them down. if you can find someone with a bead-blaster that would work too. you CAN NOT just put them back in the way they are.

How do you inspect a pressure plate?

Inspect the plate’s surface for cracks, scoring, and chatter marks. They leave dark and then light spots around the plate’s surface. This can be the result of a worn disc or incorrect free-play adjustments. Free play is the distance between the release bearing and the pressure plate fingers.

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How do I know if my clutch plate is worn?

5 Signs Of A Worn Clutch That Needs Replacement

  1. Soft clutch. A spongy clutch is one of the first signs of a worn clutch. …
  2. Slipping. The clutch is known to slip when it is at the end of its life on the car. …
  3. Shifting troubles. …
  4. Grinding noise. …
  5. Faulty cylinders.