Quick Answer: What size are pocket hole screws?

There are four thread lengths most commonly used in pocket hole joinery; 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″. Choosing the correct screw length depends on the setting of your jig and the depth at which you drill the pocket hole.

What size pocket screws 2×4?

2-1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws for 2×4 Lumber.

How do I choose a screw size?

The general rule of thumb is that the screw should enter at least half the thickness of the bottom material, e.g. 3/4″ into a 2 x 4. The other factor is the screw’s diameter, or gauge. Screws come in gauges 2 through 16. Most of the time you’ll want to go with a #8 screw.

Are all pocket hole screws the same?

There are many different styles of screw heads, and all of them serve a slightly different task. For pocket holes, the Kreg system uses screws that have a washer head. The washer head is precisely what it sounds like, a screw head that appears to have a small washer welded to the head.

Where do you put the Kreg jig on a 2×4?

Kreg Advice

  1. Thickness refers to the thickness of your boards. if you’re joining 2×4’s you’ll want to set the jig at 1.5 inches and if you’re joining 1×6 you’ll set it at 3/4 of an inch. …
  2. Set the clamp as well as the setting on your drill collar to the thickness of the wood.
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Can you use regular screws with a pocket hole jig?

you can use regular screws with the kreg jig, but the kreg screws have a sharpened point that facilitates burrowing into the second piece of wood to be joined (as the drilled hole does not extend into the second piece of wood).

What screws do I use for pocket holes?

Drill pocket hole. Use 2-1/2” screw to join 1-1/2” to another 1-1/2” thick workpiece. KREG self-tapping screws are specially designed for pocket hole joinery. They feature a self-tapping auger point that eliminates pre-drilling and a flat head that seats flushly in the bottom of the pocket hole.

Do you have to use Kreg screws?

Do you have to use Kreg pocket hole screws? You really do need to use Kreg screws when using the Kreg jig. The screws come specially designed to work with the holes that are drilled by the Kreg jig. Trying to use other screws will not properly bring the wood together.

How thick is a 8 screw?

American Screw Sizes

Size Nearest Fraction Inch
#6 9/64 0.13
#8 5/32 0.16
#10 3/16 0.19

Why do my pocket hole screws stick out?

There are several reasons pocket screws stick out from pocket holes. First, we need to be sure the drill bit and the drill guide are set for the proper thickness of our workpieces. Second, pocket screws will always stick out of pocket holes when they are drilled in ½” material.