Quick Answer: What does Bolt your food mean?

What does it mean when you bolt your food?

transitive verb. If you bolt your food, you eat it so quickly that you hardly chew it or taste it. Being under stress can cause you to miss meals, eat on the move, or bolt your food.

What does bolt mean slang?

We love words that sound like what they mean, and bolt is no exception. It’s a quick, sharp word that either means to move quickly or refers to a stroke of lightning, as in “lightning bolt.”

What does it mean to bolt something down?

Definitions of bolt down. verb. eat a large amount of food quickly. synonyms: garbage down, gobble up, shovel in.

Where does the term bolt come from?

Old English bolt “short, stout arrow with a heavy head;” also “crossbow for throwing bolts,” from Proto-Germanic *bultas (source also of Old Norse bolti, Danish bolt, Dutch bout, German Bolzen), perhaps originally “arrow, missile,” and from PIE *bheld- “to knock, strike” (source also of Lithuanian beldžiu “I knock,” …

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What happens during bolting?

Bolting occurs when a crop prematurely grows flower stalks and produces seeds, preventing the plant from bearing a vigorous harvest. Also called “running to seed” or “going to seed,” bolting redistributes a plant’s energy away from the leaves and roots to instead produce seeds and a flowering stem.

What bolted means?

bolted; bolting; bolts. Definition of bolt (Entry 2 of 5) intransitive verb. 1 : to move suddenly or nervously : start. 2 : to move or proceed rapidly : dash.

What is a long bolt?

A long-bolt or through-bolt engine is an internal combustion piston engine where, following usual practice, the cylinder head is held down by bolts or studs. Conventionally the cylinder head is bolted to the cylinder block and the crankshaft main bearings are in turn bolted to the crankcase by separate bolts.

What is bolt and nut?

The bolt consists of a head and a cylindrical body with screw threads along a portion of its length. The nut is the female member of the pair, having internal threads to match those of the bolt. Washers are often used to prevent loosening and crushing.

What is the sentence of bolt?

Bolt sentence example. Fred sat bolt upright. A stream of rain was splattering on the patio and then a bolt of lightning lit up the bedroom. For a minute there I thought you were going to bolt and run.

What does the word bolt mean in this context?

intransitive to run in a sudden way, especially because you are frightened. There was a gunshot and the horse bolted. bolt out of/towards/for: She suddenly bolted towards the door. Synonyms and related words.

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What is the synonym of bolt?

rivet, pin, clamp, peg, screw, batten, pinion. fasten, fix, secure. 3’Anna turned and bolted from the room’ dash, dart, run, sprint, hurtle, rush, hurry, fly, shoot, flash, spring, leap, bound, start.

What does bolted mean in gardening?

One of the biggest nuisances in the summer vegetable garden is bolting – when crops put on a vertical growth spurt to flower and set seed before the vegetables are ready for harvest. The result is inedible, bitter-tasting leaves or poor-quality produce with little that can be salvaged.

What is Isbolt?

A bolt is a mechanical fastener with a threaded shaft. Bolts are closely related to screws, which are also mechanical fasteners with threaded shafts. … A bolt is inserted through parts which all have unthreaded holes and a nut is then screwed onto the bolt to provide a clamping force and prevent axial movement.

What does bolt from the blue mean?

Definition of bolt from the blue

: a complete surprise : something totally unexpected.