Quick Answer: What are the best screws to use for cedar decking?

Cedar,” of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA). The best option is stainless steel, which is the least likely to react with water and salt. At bare minimum, fasteners should be hot-dipped galvanized, in which the nail or screw is coated with zinc to protect it from corrosion, meeting ASTM A153.

What is the best way to fasten cedar decking?

Western Red Cedar Decking Fastener Recommendations

  1. Nails. Hot-dipped galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel nails are all corrosion-resistant and all can be used to nail Western Red Cedar. …
  2. Screws. Screws can also be used to fasten decks. …
  3. Blind Fastening Systems. These systems create a fastener-free deck surface.

What type of fastener is used for cedar?

Cedar. For cedar fences, use stainless steel, double hot-dipped galvanized or polymer-coated fasteners. Don’t use zinc-plated steel – the zinc in the fasteners may react with the acids in the cedar and create corrosion streaks.

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How many screws do I need for cedar decking?

The general rule of thumb for standard deck fasteners is 350 screws for every 100 square feet of decking, which is based on standard 6″ wide boards (5-1/2″ actual), and 16″ joist spacing.

Does cedar hold screws?

Furniture. Cedar is often used to build outdoor furniture. If you are building a bench, you might employ screws, nails or even bolts. … Then conceal the screw pockets with cedar plugs.

Can you use GRK screws in cedar?

PHEINOX 305 Stainless Steel screws are corrosion and stain resistant – designed to withstand wet environments. Typical applications for 305 stainless are in corrosive environments such as lakes, pools, spas, decks, and boardwalks. Compatible with most wood types including cedar, redwood and ipe.

Should cedar deck boards be spaced?

Dry material should be spaced a full 1/4 inch apart to prevent damage to the boards as the material absorbs moisture. The gap will naturally close and widen throughout the year as the weather and seasons change. The space between the ends of boards should always be 1/8 inch.

How much gap do you leave between cedar decking boards?

A: I’ve found that both practically and aesthetically, a 3/16-inch space between deck boards is ideal. Trouble is, what you end up with can vary a lot depending on how wet or dry your lumber is to start with.

What is the spacing for cedar deck boards?

Cedar deck board spacing should be 1/8″.

If you like to use technology then you can use a deck spacer to make your life easier. For the clumsier of us out there, this can help avoid dropping the nail or pencil through the cracks.

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Can you use hidden fasteners on cedar decking?

Decking can be installed with hidden fasteners to create a clean looking surface that is smooth to bare feet. Hidden fasteners can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, ipe or other exotic hardwood material. … You can also router the edges of solid deck boards to create a slot to accept deck clips.

What does GRK screws stand for?

oK – stupid question – whats GRK stand for? Green River Killer. BUIC Sep 01, 2007 02:55pm #16. GRK is a brand of high quality screws.

How long should screws be for 5 4 decking?

Decking: Fasten 5/4 decking with 21/2-inch coated screws or 12d ringshank or spiral nails.

What size deck screws do I need?

Deck screws measuring 2 ½ inches and 3 inches usually work best for fastening railings, deck boards, and joists, while 6-inch deck screws are necessary for 4×4 posts.

Is it better to use nails or screws on a deck?

The Consensus: For a deck build it’s best to use a combination of nails and screws. … Screws are superior for laying down the decking. They hold things flush better and have a better fastener/tensile strength, which keeps boards from popping up over time.

Do you screw decking at every joist?

Each deck board should be fastened with two screws at each point where the board crosses a joist to ensure the stability and durability of your deck’s surface. Boards should be fastened to rim joists with three screws.