Quick Answer: How do you sharpen a bolt cutter with a file?

Can you sharpen bolt cutter?

After using your bolt cutters for a while, you may notice that the blades have small dents and chips in them, which can often occur when they are used to cut through hardened steel. You can solve this problem by sharpening them.

How do you sharpen a wire cutter with a file?

Because the area of metal to be sharpened on wire cutters is small, you should use a fine hand file. Both sides of the cutter need to be filed. Gently rub the file against each blade, being careful not to rub too much or for too long.

How can I make my bolt cutters work better?

Bolts located on the neck and jaws of a bolt cutter allow you to adjust the blades. Turning the jaw adjustment bolts causes the corresponding blade to either move towards or away from the joint. A clockwise turn will move the blades closer together, while a counterclockwise turn will move the blades farther apart.

How do you sharpen a diagonal cutter?

If you have a rotary tool such as a Dremel, you can use it to sharpen blunt diagonal cutters. All you will need is the right grinding disc. A diamond Dremel disc is the best for sharpening the hardened cutters of pliers.

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How do you calibrate a bolt cutter?

How to adjust Neck Adjustment Bolts?

  1. Step 1 – Secure Bolt Cutters. Place the head of your bolt cutters, jaws closed, in a vice, or hold the tool firmly between your knees. …
  2. Step 2 – Turn Bolt. …
  3. Step 3 – Repeat if Necessary. …
  4. Step 4 – Check Gap Width with a Piece of Paper. …
  5. Step 5 – Readjust if Necessary.

Can you fix bolt cutters?

Bolt cutter jaws can be replaced once they have been worn down through use and repeated sharpening. To replace them, you need to unscrew the two sets of bolts on the neck and head of the tool and loosen any neck adjustment bolts.

How do you maintain a bolt cutter?

Keep blades clean, sharpened and correctly adjusted

If your bolt cutter blades become dented or chipped during use, you will need to sharpen them to prevent the damage from getting worse. It is also important to make sure your blades have the right sized gap between them.

How thick can bolt cutters cut?

Cheap Chain Cuts Easily

A $20 bolt cutter cuts easily through chains, cables and padlocks up to 3/8 in. thick. It took five seconds with a common 24-in. bolt cutter to cut through a Grade-43, home center 3/8-in.

How do you open a bolt cutter?

Using the Bolt Cutters

Grasp the handles with both hands and hold the cutter with the jaws facing away from you. Pull the handles apart as far as possible to fully open the jaws of the cutter. Position the middle of the cutting edges around the bolt or other object you plan to cut.

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