Quick Answer: Does Bolt accept hatchback?

2-door sedans and hatchbacks are not acceptable.

Does Bolt accept hatchback cars?

Bolt Go accommodates standard hatchback cars in good condition with low mileage and at least four passenger seats. These vehicles must also pass a 45-point safety inspection.

What types of cars does bolt accept?

Bolt Go

  • The car’s model should be 2010 and above with 4-door hatchbacks.
  • The car should be a 4-door sedan, and the model should be between 2010 and 2012.
  • It must be either six or seven seaters SUV.

Which cars qualify for Bolt in South Africa?

To be eligible for our platform, your vehicle must meet the following requirements: The vehicle must have less than 100 000 km on the clock. The vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition.

Vehicle Categories:

  • Johannesburg: Go, Classic, XL, Premium and Van.
  • Cape Town: Go, Classic, XL and Premium.
  • Durban: Go, Classic and XL.

Can I be a bolt driver without a car?

Yes. However, remember that this is only for drivers that need vehicles to drive on our platform. There are no restrictions on how you can use the car as long as you are able to make the monthly instalments for the loan.

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Can you use any car for Bolt?

While hatchback cars may only operate in the Bolt Go category, Bolt has enabled the drivers of its regular larger sedan car to opt in and out on an ad-hoc basis to Bolt Go. Bolt anticipates that popular cars used to render the service will include models such as the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, Datsun Go and Toyota Etios.

Why is Bolt so cheap?

Bolt is more deliberate about making transport fares more affordable for its customers. Therefore, making its prices cheaper than Uber. Bolt also sends its customers promotional codes to make them enjoy amazingly cheap offers. … This is an advantage for both customers and drivers.

Which is the best car for Bolt?

Best Cars To Use For Uber and Bolt (Taxify) Business in Nigeria…

  • Toyota Corolla.
  • Honda Accord.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Honda City.

Do Bolt Do vans?

What kind of cars can I rent with Bolt Drive? … Our car-types include: small, electric, medium-sized, and premium cars, as well as SUVs and vans. Check the app to see which cars are available to rent nearby.

How much does bolt charge per km in South Africa?

Bolt takes a 20% commission from each trip, with a booking fee of 5%. Trip charges cost an average of R7 per kilometre, depending on the city. Bolt Go charges riders an average of R5. 50 per kilometre.

How do Bolt drivers get paid?

You’ll get paid out once a week. The payment cycle runs from the first hours of Monday to the last minutes of Sunday. You will receive your pay + bonuses as one payout during the first half of the week. Normally it should take between 1–2 business days to reflect in your account.

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How much do Bolt car owners make in South Africa?

The Bolt driver’s average salary is R8,000.00 per week, according to the company. However, based on our experience (with my friend), if you’re in Johannesburg, you could make between R6,000.00 to R6,900.00 per week.

How do I become a Bolt driver in South Africa?

Download Bolt Driver app and pick up your first passenger

To start using the app, log in with your chosen username and password. You will receive your login details directly to your email after your driver application has been approved. Using the app is easy: Swipe right to go online and set your driving radius.

How do I join the Bolt drive?

Sign up to drive with Bolt

  1. Valid driver’s license.
  2. Vehicle registration.
  3. Proof of insurance.
  4. Driving experience.
  5. A vehicle that meets requirements.
  6. Clean criminal record.

Can I use multiple cars with one account Bolt?

If you have multiple vehicles, you can create or register your fleet on the Bolt platform. Please fill in the form on the website. Our local team will review the application as soon as possible and reach out to you with more information.

Does Bolt charge per person?

4.6. Fares. You are entitled to charge a fare for each instance you have accepted a Passenger on the Bolt Platform and completed the Transportation Service as requested (i.e. Fare).