Question: Will regular screws work in pocket holes?

Can you use normal screws in pocket holes?

A description of the Kreg pocket hole screws says you must use their special screws because “the wide bearing surface of the screw head will not overdrive in the bottom of the pocket.

What screws should I use for pocket holes?

Drill pocket hole. Use 2-1/2” screw to join 1-1/2” to another 1-1/2” thick workpiece. KREG self-tapping screws are specially designed for pocket hole joinery. They feature a self-tapping auger point that eliminates pre-drilling and a flat head that seats flushly in the bottom of the pocket hole.

What can I use instead of a Kreg screw?

Alternatives to Kreg jig Pocket Hole Screws

  • CSH Pan-head screws.
  • Massca pocket hole screws.
  • SNUG pocket hole screws.
  • Quick Screw pocket hole screws.

Can I use regular screws with a Kreg Jig?

you can use regular screws with the kreg jig, but the kreg screws have a sharpened point that facilitates burrowing into the second piece of wood to be joined (as the drilled hole does not extend into the second piece of wood).

Do you need glue with pocket screws?

Pocket hole joints don’t require wood glue, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use glue when assembling your furniture projects. When a pocket screw is driven through an angled pocket hole it draws the two pieces of wood together tightly.

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Are Kreg screws necessary?

You really do need to use Kreg screws when using the Kreg jig. The screws come specially designed to work with the holes that are drilled by the Kreg jig. Trying to use other screws will not properly bring the wood together.

Are pocket screws different?

Yes, those are special pocket hole screws. They’re basically just self drilling wood screws (which is why they have the fluted tips). Standard wood screws may work, but you are forced between trying to center a pilot hole at the bottom of your pocket or risk splitting the piece you’re screwing into.

What are Kreg screws made of?

Kreg Screws are also made in specific lengths to maximize holding power in different material thicknesses, they are made of case-hardened steel to prevent snapping, and they are available in coarse- and fine-thread for optimum holding power.