Question: What size tires can a 10 bolt handle?

How strong is a 10 bolt rear end?

Here’s what I’ve been lead to believe: 7.5” 10 bolt GM rear: It will take up to about 450 HP IF the axle tubes are welded to the housing and either a differential cover with preload bolts is installed or straps are installed over the carrier bearing caps along with longer bolts.

How wide is a #10 bolt?

Bolt Thread Sizes

Size Nominal (Major) Diameter [in] Fine Thread (UNF)
Threads Per Inch
#8 0.1640 36
#10 0.1900 32
1/4″ 0.2500 28

How wide is a GM 10 bolt front axle?

The GM 10 Bolt front axle was used on Chevy and GMC 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton 4×4 pickups from 1977 to 1987 and on Blazer/Jimmy, and Suburban SUVs from 1977 through 1991. Front Cover: Oval with 10 Bolts. 11″ high x 10-1/4″ wide.

How do I choose the right axle?

Clearly, there are criteria that should be factored into the selection process of an axle, including the weight and type of vehicle in which it’s to be installed, the weight of the axle itself, the type of suspension being used, the location of the transfer case, what size tire will be fitted and what type of work the …

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Are Chevy 10 bolt rear ends good?

Even though it has been used in every major GM rear-wheel-drive platform, the 10-bolt has a bad reputation for being a low-performance unit. Nothing could be further from the truth. The 10-bolt can handle just about anything you throw at it, as long as you use the right axle, either the 8.5- or 8.6-inch.

Is a 10 bolt rear end posi?

Ten-bolt rears came in both Positraction and non-Positraction versions. Although it would be much cheaper to find one with Positraction already, many aftermarket suppliers can sell you carriers, axles and gears to convert a stock non-limited-slip axle to a Positraction.

What is a Chevy 10 bolt rear end?

The 8.5-inch and 8.6-inch 10-bolt rears are stout and effective differentials that can handle more power than either the 7.5 or 8.2-inch rears. While the 8.5-inch rearend was used on vehicles up to 1999, The 8.6-inch (8.625) was used on 2000 and later-year trucks.

What is the smallest bolt size?

The bolt pictured here is a mere 30mm in length and 10mm in diameter. It is the smallest bolt we have ever converted into a DTI SmartBolt.

How do I know what rear end my s10 is?

Look under the rear of the vehicle. The rear end is centrally located between the rear wheels. On the back of the unit, count the number of bolts holding the inspection plate cover to the rear end housing.

What is a 10 bolt front axle?

Most 1/2 ton trucks offered by Chevrolet and GMC between 1980 and 1994 were equipped with a 8.5″ or 8.875″ ring gear axle, which many people call a 10 bolt axle. … After all, it is basically the same as the Dana 44 front axle.

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How can you tell a Dana 44 from a 10 bolt?

the dana 44 is slightly stronger than the 10 bolt,but its nominal at best. they are pretty much equal with the inner axle shaft on the 44 being a lil weaker and the 10 bolt ring slightly smaller so being weeker.

How do I identify a Chevy front differential?

If the ID tag or stamp is missing or unreadable, differentials can be identified by the number of cover bolts, the distinctive shape of the cover, the number of ring gear bolts, and ring gear diameter. They can also be identified by whether the center section is an integral or dropout design.

Is a 3.42 axle ratio good for towing?

There are several other things to consider when picking an axle ratio. … Two common base axle ratios for trucks are 3.08 and 3.42. A 3.73 ratio is suitable for regular light towing. If you plan on towing a fifth-wheel trailer or anything heavier than 5,000 pounds, you should consider a 4.1 axle ratio.

What is full floating axle?

A full-floating axle carries the vehicle’s weight on the axle casing, not the halfshafts; they serve only to transmit torque from the differential to the wheels. … Full-floating axle shafts are retained by a flange bolted to the hub, while the hub and bearings are retained on the spindle by a large nut.

What gear ratio is best for fuel economy?

Best MPG ratio

If getting the best fuel economy is priority, then choose the lowest numerical number offered, such as 3.08, 3.23 or 3.31. This applies to highway driving; city driving mpg isn’t really affected by the axle ratio. If you do a mix of both, go with the “standard” axle ratio offered by the manufacturer.

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