Question: What size is M10 bolt in inches?

Are M10 and 3/8 the same?

As George says the CG-5 does use the metric 10 x 1.5. That said, they are very close, the 3/8″ bolt is about 0.019″ smaller and the pitch’s are very close so the 3/8 -16 bolt will thread in the 10mm x 1.5 but the 10 x 1.5 bolt will not fit the 3/8 but..

What size is an M 10 bolt?

Metric clearance and tapping drill hole sizes.

Size Clearance Hole mm Tapping Drill (fine pitch)
M10 11 9.0 or 8.75 mm
M12 14 10.5 mm
M16 18 16.5 mm
M20 22 20.5 mm

What size is M10 bolt in Imperial?


1/4″-20 1/4″-28 M6-1.00
5/16″-18 5/16″-24 M8-1.25
3/8″-16 3/8″-24 M10-1.50
7/16″-14 7/16″-20 M12-1.75

What does M10 size mean?

Those are metric screw dimensions. M10 means a 10 millimeter outer diameter for the bolt or whatever piece it is; M12 means 12 millimeters. The part after the ‘x’ is the pitch — how many mm a thread is wide. To figure out which you have, you can measure the existing part with calipers and a thread gauge.

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Is 3/8 or M10 bigger?

Thread Conversion Table

Metric Coarse Metric Fine BSF/BSW
M10 x 1.5 M10 x 1.25 3/8″
M12 x 1.75 M12 x 1.25 1/2″
M14 x 2 M14 x 1.5 9/16″
M16 x 2 M16 x 1.5 5/8″

What size hole do I drill for a M10 bolt?

Metric Threads

Thread Drill size for tapping standard metric threads Clearance hole
M8 6.8 9
M10 8.5 11
M12 10.2 13.5
M14 12 15.5

What is the diameter of M10 hole?

Hole size for general Metric threads

Nominal size Pitch Percentage of thread engagement hole diameter (mm)
M9 0.75 8.19
0.5 8.46
M10 1.5 8.38
1.25 8.65

Is M10 the same as 10mm?

If the size is M10 x 25, that would mean that the diameter is 10 mm. … The 25 indicated a length of 25 mm. A matching nut would be labeled M10, which also doesn’t require a thread pitch since it’s a course thread fastener.

How do I know what size bolt I need?

So, determining the screw size is important. It is easy to determine the screw size. First, measure the diameter with a Vernier caliper. Choose the closest reading screw size on a screw thread gauge.

Is an M10 bolt 10mm wide?

M10 (10mm x 16mm) Hex Bolt (Fully Threaded Setscrew) – Stainless Steel (A2) (Pack of 20)

What’s the difference between M8 and M10?

The Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is a smaller, less expensive version of the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus. Both have Google Assistant inside, but there are some subtle differences that improve the device by going with the more expensive and bigger model, the Lenovo Smart Tab M10: A slightly bigger battery, 5,100mAh vs 5,000mAh.

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