Question: How do you loosen a crank bolt?

Place your socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt and wedge the end of your ratchet or breaker bar onto the ground. Make sure when the pulley starts to turn, the breaker bar is positioned to push the bolt counterclockwise to loosen it.

Which way do crank bolts unscrew?

Remove crank bolt or nut by turning counter-clockwise. If no bolt is visible, remove dust caps. Some caps pry out and some thread out.

Are crankshaft bolts reverse thread?

The crank bolt is not a reverse thread.

How much torque do I need to remove a crankshaft bolt?

How about pull out your torque wrench, put it at the 120 or so ft lbs that the bolt requires for tightening (verify with the FSM), and try to loosen until you’ve put that amount or torque into removing. That should give you a benchmark on how much force is required. Or start lower, like 90 ftlbs.

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