Question: How do you get explosives on bolt Days Gone?

Incendiary Bolt: For this one, you’ll need to spend some time clearing out the various Ambush Camps in the game. There are 14 in total, and you’ll need to clear eight Ambush Camps in order to unlock the Incendiary Bolt in Days Gone. Explosive Bolt: This crossbow bolt type requires you to clear 12 Ambush Camps.

How do I upgrade my crossbow Days Gone?

You can collect the upgraded, Drifter Crossbow model shortly after Deacon and Boozer complete their journey to the southern part of the map, specifically to Iron Mike’s encampment in Lost Lake. This weapon will be granted to you after completing the storyline mission titled We’ve All Done Things.

What do the different bolts do in Days Gone?

Bolt types

Incendiary: Ignites on contact, useful for burning nests at a distance. Poison: Will kill enemies over time. Effective on larger enemies. Explosive Bolt: Capable of wiping out several enemies at once or a single big enemy.

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How many crossbows are in Days Gone?

We found one SMG and two different crossbows in Days Gone, in this Weapons guide you will find their stats and other details. Crossbows are best for stealth gameplay, but it requires crafting. Advanced crossbow allows you to craft better bolts but on the same side requires rare crafting items.

What are the best weapons in Days Gone?

The Best Weapons In Days Gone

  1. 1 Chicago Chopper. Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone.
  2. 2 . 50 BFG. …
  3. 3 Stinger SMG. …
  4. 4 MWS. …
  5. 5 PPSH-41. …
  6. 6 PDW. …
  7. 7 Boozer’s Shotgun. …
  8. 8 Drifter Crossbow. …

Do residue bolts work on Freakers?

Residue Bolts Are Great For Splitting Up Freakers

While sneaking around or scoping out a potential area for threats, these bolts can be essential in thinning the horde without being seen. Firing one into a pack will result in at least a few kills, as the Freakers will start scrapping with each other.

What is the best melee weapon in Days Gone?

The Superior Metal Axe is by far the best Melee weapon in the game and has maxed out damage and durability. It does last for a maximum of 50 attacks with the former losing just 2% durability in exchange for just a hit.

What are drifters in Days Gone?

Function. The Drifter Bike is the primary mode of transport in Days Gone. The bike is crucial to surviving in the world, as it will allow the player to quickly escape from situations where they will be overwhelmed such as when unprepared to face an alerted horde.

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How do you save the hostage days gone?

Rescue The Hostages

Make a left and head towards the building at the top of the hill. Here, you’ll find the hostages being help captive by two Rippers guarding the outside. Take the Rippers out and open the door to the building to rescue the hostages.

How do I make superior club days gone?

Go to your weapon wheel, place your cursor over the melee weapon, (needs to be a bat), the menu will open up wider and give you a few options to craft the bat into other weapons you have the recipes for, select the one you want and hold R1 to craft it.

How do you make a ripper AXE?

Ripper Axe – To unlock this recipe, players will need to complete the raid on the Ripper’s camp and complete the mission They Will Never Stop. Ripper Club – This crafting recipe becomes available after you complete the raid on the Ripper’s camp and complete the mission They Will Never Stop.

What is the best crossbow in Days Gone?

Drifter Crossbow is one of the most useful weapons in Days Gone. This is one of the best crossbows in the game – it deals more damage than the other weapons from this category. It can kill many enemies with a single bolt.

Where can I find poison in Days Gone?


  • Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint.
  • Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp.

Where can I find gunpowder in Days Gone?


  • Little Bear NERO Checkpoint.
  • Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp.
  • O’Leary Mountain Safehouse.
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