Question: How do I become a Bolt?

How do you get into bolt?

Download Bolt Driver app and pick up your first passenger

  1. Swipe right to go online and set your driving radius.
  2. When you get a ride request, you will instantly see the pickup address, the distance to the passenger and the estimated time of arrival.
  3. Swipe right to accept the request – you have 20 seconds to do so.

How much money does a bolt driver make?

Bolt Driver Earnings – The Real Numbers

The Bolt driver’s average salary is R8,000.00 per week, according to the company. However, based on our experience (with my friend), if you’re in Johannesburg, you could make between R6,000.00 to R6,900.00 per week.

How do I register my bolt in Nigeria?

How To Get Your New Vehicle Registered With Bolt And Uber

  1. Get your vehicle inspected by the inspection centres recognized by Uber and Bolt.
  2. Upload a valid Vehicle license.
  3. Upload your Insurance certificate.
  4. Upload a Proof of ownership.
  5. Upload a Certificate of road-worthiness.
  6. Upload Vehicle Inspection Report.
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How much do bolt owners make in Kenya 2020?

Bolt – Earn over 120,000KSh per month driving for Taxify … | Facebook.

How do I request a Bolt for myself?

Requesting a ride with the Bolt app is simple. Choose your destination, add extra stops if needed, select the preferred category then confirm your request. To make sure your location is accurate, check the green pin on the map and move it if needed.

Can I join Bolt without a car?

Bolt drivers can now get 100% financing from Stanbic Bank. Renault Kenya, a sub-brand of Simba Corporation, will provide Renault KWIDS with engine capacity of 800cc and fuel efficiency of 24km/litre.

Is Bolt a good business?

According to each company, you can make up to R8,000 per week driving for Bolt or Uber. While that is true, in my experience, the highest earnings I’ve ever made per week was R6,995.00. Have a look at my earnings for Week 2 of June 2021 with Bolt South Africa. … Bolt charges 20% while Uber is 25% commission.

What cars qualify for Taxify?

Which models are accepted for Taxify Premium in Johannesburg?

  • The vehicle must be a 2010 model or newer.
  • Qualified SUVs or four-door sedans.
  • The vehicle must have less than 100 000kms on the clock.
  • The car must pass the Bolt 45 point inspection or have an AVTS or Dekra certification.

How do you make money on Bolt?

Let’s go!

  1. How to make more money? It’s all about proper time-management. …
  2. Go online at the busiest times. One of the biggest misconceptions about driving with Bolt is the belief that you need to be online all the time to increase your earnings. …
  3. Accept all orders. …
  4. Turn on Back-to-Back rides. …
  5. Stay updated. …
  6. Be nice! …
  7. Take a break.
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How much does Uber pay car owners in Nigeria?

If an Uber driver makes an average of 2 rides each hour, he can earn about ₦2066 per hour. And if he is to work for 30 hours weekly, he will earn ₦61,980. His take home at the end of the month will be ₦247,920. This is a lucrative business.

Does Bolt give you a car in Nigeria?

With the Bolt Vehicle financing scheme, drivers can get a car for as low as ₦15,000 weekly instalments, in addition to comprehensive insurance and vehicle tracking support. The Vehicle financing scheme is the first of its kind in Nigeria and will help drivers maintain flexible work hours while increasing their income.

How can I become a bolt driver in Lagos?

Becoming a driver in just three steps

  1. Hold a valid driver’s license.
  2. Attend driver training for service quality and use of the Bolt driver application.
  3. A smartphone with GPS.
  4. A clean criminal record.
  5. Additional documents for Lagos: LASDRI Card, Driver Badge and LASRRA Card.

How do I join a Bolt in Kenya?

Bolt drivers in Kenya must provide the documents listed below to be considered for driving on the platform:

  1. Passport photo.
  2. National ID.
  3. A valid Police Clearance Certificate from DCI.
  4. Driver’s regular driving license.
  5. Driver’s PSV License (Badge) issued by the NTSA (only for car drivers)
  6. Vehicle Logbook/Sales Agreement.

How much does Uber pay car owners in Kenya 2021?

Uber Car Owners Earning

Uber pays car owners an average of Ksh. 70,000 per month.

How do I register my Bolt as a driver?


  1. Step 1: Enter your email address, phone number and city.
  2. Step 2: Fill in your personal details.
  3. Step 3: Fill in your National ID (Driving Licence Number) and Licence Number (Reference number of the Licence)
  4. Step 4: Upload all the required documents and their expiry dates.
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