How tight should trailer leaf spring bolts be?

How Tight Should Leaf Spring Shackle and Spring Eye Bolts Be If the bolts for the shackle link and the leaf spring eye are too tight, the suspension won’t articulate as it should. You want to run the bolt down tight, then back it off by a 1/4 turn, as you’d mentioned.

Why are shackle bolts knurled?

the bolts have a knurl so they bite in the shackles and hangers. the nuts are locknuts with a bit of a flat pressed into the end.

What is the torque for shackles?

Torque Rating for Shackle Bolts and Trailer Suspension Components If you are using 9/16 inch shackle bolts which are the most common you will want 65 to 95 foot pounds of torque. If you are using 1/2 inch then go for 45 to 70 foot pounds. And for 5/8 inch bolts use 100 to 120 foot pounds.

Can you tighten leaf springs?

Tightening the shackle bolts too much will squeeze the shackle straps against the leaf springs and the whole suspension system will bind and cause problems. The best thing to do when tightening down shackle bolts is to use lock nuts and tighten them until they are snug and then backed off 1/4 turn.

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How tight should leaf spring bushings be?

The bushings should touch each other in both the frame rail and the leaf spring. The “stepped” portion will be between the spring/frame rail and the shackle half. As long as they are snug, they should be fine. If there’s a ton of play, though, they’ll probably get chewed up, and your suspension will be sloppy.

How much does it cost to tighten leaf springs?

Be safe out there. Re: how tight to tighten leaf springs bolts? Most mechanical handbooks call for 26-28 lb/ft for a fine thread, grade 5, 3/8″ bolt, clean and dry. I torqued mine to an even 30 lb/ ft.

How do you adjust leaf springs?

Position one jack stand three to four inches from the end of the leaf spring, taking care not to lift the car too high. Use a wrench to loosen the bolts and remove the rear spring bolt from the trailing arm and spring. Carefully lower the jack to ease the pressure on the spring.

How does a leaf spring shackle work?

Leaf spring shackles compensate for the leaf spring’s change in length as it flexes. In their default state, leaf springs are slightly curved. As pressure is exerted on the springs, they flatten out and elongate. The leaf spring shackles allow the leaf spring to flex up to a certain length.

How do trailer springs work?

They’re simply long and narrow plates attached to the frame of a trailer that rest above or below the trailer’s axle. … The ends make two holes, which you can bolt to the bottom of a trailer’s frame. Open-eye leaf springs have only one “eye,” or open hole.

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Are leaf spring shackles supposed to move?

Your shackles can also sustain damage from overtightening. Because their success depends on their ability to move, tightening them too much will cause them not to move. A quick tip is to tighten them and then loosen each bolt by a small turn. Shackles can even become inverted by moving past their axis of movement.

Are shackles supposed to move?

The shackles on suspension systems like part # TRSL350 are designed to be fairly loose because the equalizer on your trailer suspension needs to be able to move without binding. The best thing to do when tightening down shackle bolts is to use lock nuts, tighten them until they are snug, then back them off 1/4 turn.

How do you adjust the angle on a leaf spring shackle?

Since you don’t have the full weight, you can pull all but the main leaf from the spring pack. Measure back from the center of the front spring eye the flat length of the spring (54″ or 60″ as appropriate) mark plumb 0° then, use your sliding bevel/protractor/angle finer to mark your desired shackle angle.