How tight should shock absorber bolts be?

The fasteners should be tightened until the bushing expands (bulges) to the same outside diameter of the metal washer. (see below) This allows for the proper amount of bushing squeeze so that the shock absorber can move properly in any direction.

How tight should shock bolts be?

When installing new shocks, the goal is to tighten them just enough that there is no play or chattering in the suspension over bumps. But not so much that it adds any noticeable resistance to the shock’s pivot points. After adjusting the tension on each bolt, bounce the suspension by hand.

Should you grease shock bolts?

Bolts do not need grease. You can use it if you’re worried about corrosion as mentioned above. Loctite isn’t usually needed either, nylock nuts are a much better option.

Can you over tighten shocks?

By over tightening the shock absorber on the mount, this will excessively squash the bush reducing the amount of flexibility or articulation in the bush. This will lead to premature wear of the bush and possibly breaking the shock absorber eye or stud. Alternately the mounting bracket on the vehicle could also break.

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Do shocks need to be torqued?

Registered. You can replace your struts without a torque wrench but of course it’ll be better to have one. A lot of suspension components on cars aren’t supposed to be much tighter than you can do with your bare hands anyway (IE: no air tools).

How tight should Bilstein shocks be?

Just tighten the lock nut up until it stops and it is snug. Around 35 lbs is good. At that point the bushings should be bulged out a little bit.

Can shocks be lubricated?

To be able to lubricate your vehicle’s shocks and struts, you need to have some items handy. These include jack and jack stands, rags, a syringe, an aerosol can of oil, and a long nozzle oil can.

Do you grease shock mounts?

on the Husaberg the shock bolts are thick steel through a plastic bushing in the eye and it comes with caution about no grease. it’s meant to be metal on lubricious plastic.

Should bushings be greased?

Supplied grease should only be applied to the bores and outer flanges of all bushings and components – do not grease the outside surfaces of bushings and components.

What happens if you over tighten a bolt?

One of the most damaging ways to do that is by over-tightening, or over torquing the fastener. This can result in stripping screws, snapping screw heads and damaging pre-tapped threading.

Should a shock absorber extend on its own?

Fully compress unit and allow the rod to extend on its own. This should require less than 45 seconds on a unit with normal gas pressure and up to 2 minutes for a low gas unit. If the unit fully extends to these specs, it is considered fully functional. Non-gas units do not extend.

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Can you over tighten top mounts?

Do not use an air or electric impact wrench to tighten the upper mounting nut on the piston rod. This can make the torque higher than recommended and cause damage.