How much is Bolt Commission in Ghana?

Bolt charges a 25% commission from the final price per order in Accra and Kumasi and a 20% commission in the rest of the cities. Commission fee applies to both cash and card rides and cancellation fees. Commission doesn’t apply to tips, bonuses, additional airport or toll fees.

What percentage is Bolt commission?

Bolt charges a commission of 20% on every trip across Nigeria. As a Bolt driver, you also need to factor in operational costs.

What is the commission that Bolt takes from your trips?

Every time you complete a trip, Bolt charges 15% commission.

How much can I earn as a Bolt driver in Ghana?

Top-performing full-time Bolt drivers in major cities such as Accra can make up to GHS5000 per month. Part-time drivers in major cities can make up to GHS2500 per month. Bolt charges 20% to 25% commission on the final order price depending on the city — for both cash and card rides.

How much do Bolt charge the drivers?

Bolt charges a 20% commission from the final price per order in London and a 15% commission in other cities. Commission fee applies to cancellation fees too. For drivers operating on electric vehicles, the commission fee has been decreased from 15% to 10%.

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Does Bolt charge for waiting?

Wait time fee is a per-minute charge which starts a few minutes after a driver arrives at your location and continues until the driver starts the trip. If your trip is cancelled and you are charged a cancellation fee, you won’t be charged for the waiting time. …

How much do Bolt drivers earn per month?

Here’s what I mean: For every trip you make, Bolt charges a booking fee plus 20% commission. That means you would basically take home about R6,200.00 per week. And about R24,800.00 per month by joining Bolt South Africa.

How do you make money on Bolt?

Let’s go!

  1. How to make more money? It’s all about proper time-management. …
  2. Go online at the busiest times. One of the biggest misconceptions about driving with Bolt is the belief that you need to be online all the time to increase your earnings. …
  3. Accept all orders. …
  4. Turn on Back-to-Back rides. …
  5. Stay updated. …
  6. Be nice! …
  7. Take a break.

How do you pay for Bolt?

You can pay for orders on the Bolt Food app by using cash (in some markets), Bolt balance and via credit/debit card.

Does Bolt give you a car?

With the Bolt Vehicle financing scheme, drivers can get a car for as low as ₦15,000 weekly instalments, in addition to comprehensive insurance and vehicle tracking support. The Vehicle financing scheme is the first of its kind in Nigeria and will help drivers maintain flexible work hours while increasing their income.

How much does a Bolt driver make in a week?

Before we continue, we should let you know that Taxify changed its name to Bolt. As such, we can use both terms interchangeably in this post from now on. Below are the requirements that you must meet before you can become a Bolt driver in Nigeria: You must be at least 21 years old.

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Does Bolt charge per person?

4.6. Fares. You are entitled to charge a fare for each instance you have accepted a Passenger on the Bolt Platform and completed the Transportation Service as requested (i.e. Fare).

Is Bolt fixed price?

Fare-wise, riders can expect similar costs to Bolt, but Uber’s ride cancellation fees are higher. On the bright side, the booking fee is lower, as Bolt charges both a fixed fee and a variable amount based on the length of your journey.

How much can you make on Bolt?

On average, Bolt drivers in Johannesburg earn up to R8,000.

From each trip, Bolt charges only a 20% commission.