How much is a Bolt ride per km?

How much is a Bolt trip?

At the Sars wear-and-tear rate that trip would cost R72, while the Go service quote can be R119 or R5. 95 per km. By comparison, the standard Bolt service quote can be R157 or R7. 85 per km for the journey, and UberX quote for the trip is R218 or R10.

How much is a Bolt ride in South Africa?

Differences in distances

All trips
Uber Bolt
Average distance 37km
Total price R4,055 R3,139
Average price per trip R338 R262

How does Bolt charge for rides?

In order to use the Bolt Services, you are obliged to pay to a fee (i.e. the Bolt Fee). The Bolt Fee is paid based on the Fare of each Transportation Service order that you have completed. The amount of the Bolt Fee is made available to you via e-mail, Bolt App, Bolt Driver Account or other pertinent means.

Which is cheaper Bolt or Taxify?

Ride-hailing platform Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, has announced the launch of Bolt Go in South Africa – a ride-hailing service that is 20% cheaper than its normal Bolt offering.

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How much does bolt charge per km in Kenya?

Bolt Base: 50 KES per km. Bolt Plus: 50 KES per km. Bolt XL: 70 KES per km.

How much does bolt charge per km in Ghana?

A trip on ‘Bolt Comfort’ will cost just around ¢0.88 per kilometre or an equivalent of ¢0.38 per minute. With this new service offering, Bolt is solidifying its claim to the leadership position in the ride-hailing market in Ghana.

How much does Bolt charge per km in South Africa?

Bolt takes a 20% commission from each trip, with a booking fee of 5%. Trip charges cost an average of R7 per kilometre, depending on the city. Bolt Go charges riders an average of R5. 50 per kilometre.

How much does Bolt charge per km in Nigeria?

For Bolt, it introduced a new base and minimum fare at N220 and N500 respectively for Bolt corporate and Bolt, compared to the initial base fare of N200, while the fare per kilometre increased slightly from N67 to N70 and fare per minute increased from N11 to N12.

Is Bolt fixed price?

Fare-wise, riders can expect similar costs to Bolt, but Uber’s ride cancellation fees are higher. On the bright side, the booking fee is lower, as Bolt charges both a fixed fee and a variable amount based on the length of your journey.

Do you pay per person for Bolt?

4.6. Fares. You are entitled to charge a fare for each instance you have accepted a Passenger on the Bolt Platform and completed the Transportation Service as requested (i.e. Fare).

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Does Bolt charge for waiting?

Wait time fee is a per-minute charge which starts a few minutes after a driver arrives at your location and continues until the driver starts the trip. If your trip is cancelled and you are charged a cancellation fee, you won’t be charged for the waiting time. …

Why is Bolt expensive?

When the demand for rides is high (e.g. peak hours, large-scale events, extreme weather conditions, etc.), rates are increased to encourage drivers to get on the road. When prices are increased, you will see an arrow pointing up next to the trip price.

How much does Taxify charge per km?

Prices are based on each platform’s own fee estimator. With Taxify’s minimum fare of R20, R7. 00 p/km and a charge of R0. 70 per minute, Durban and Cape Town proved to be the cheapest cities for e-hailing in South Africa.

How much does Uber charge per km?

In South Africa, you can currently only find Uber operating in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, but Uber has hinted at future expansion across South Africa. Uber trip prices are generally pretty reasonable – with a minimum fare of R20 and about R7 per/km (with Uber X).