How do you turn off a sphero bolt?

With the Power Pack on, press and hold the cradle button and simultaneously remove BOLT to turn it off. Repeat for all robots and place them aside. You can also turn off your robot in the settings of the Sphero Edu app. Toggle the power switch off and unplug the Power Pack.

How do I turn my Sphero off?

To power off the Mini, find the Settings section within the app and select Power Off. Also, to wake up the Mini, plug it in and wait for the LED to turn on. Currently, you can only connect one Sphero Mini to a device at a time.

What does the button on the Sphero Bolt charger do?

Press the button on the charger to reset BOLT.

How long does it take to charge Sphero bolt?

It takes up to three hours to fully charge and, if it’s blinking blue, that means it’s currently charging. When the blue light’s blinking stops, it’s fully charged. Then, students can try pairing the BOLT with a device by opening the Sphero Edu app.

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How do you turn on a Sphero?

Place Sphero SPRK+ on the charging cradle. Plug power cord into a wall outlet. The blinking blue charger lights indicate Sphero SPRK+ is charging. Charge for three hours or until the blue charger light stops blinking and turns solid blue.

How do you know when Sphero is charged?

Make sure the cord is securely plugged into the back of the cradle, plug the cord into your outlet, and plop Sphero into the cradle. While Sphero is charging, the blue light on the front of the cradle will flash slowly, and once Sphero is charged the light will glow a solid blue.

How long does Sphero battery last?

Sphero’s battery should last up to 60 minutes of constant play on a full charge. If Sphero has been fully charged but loses energy and turns off shortly after connecting, please try the following: Ensure Sphero sits properly in the charging cradle, heavy side down, and receives a full charge.

How do you turn on a Sphero bolt?

Place robots on the charging cradles, plug the power cord in, and turn the power switch on. The green light on the front of the Power Pack indicates the power is on. The blinking blue cradle lights indicate robots are charging. It take 6 hours to charge a fully depleted BOLT robot.

How do you turn on a Sphero bolt on?

Sphero Play: Fun drive modes and games with BOLT

  1. Download the Sphero Play app on iOS or Android.
  2. Open the Sphero Play app, select the BOLT robot to connect.
  3. Hold your device near your BOLT and it will automatically connect.
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Why does my Sphero blink red?

Your Sphero app-enabled robot may blink a red light sequence after being removed from the charging cradle after a full charge. A slow red flash indicates that your Sphero app-enabled robot’s battery needs to be recharged. …

Is the Sphero bolt waterproof?

Yes! BOLT is waterproof (as pictured above) and ready for aquatic adventures. BOLT has a tough plastic shell that protects the inside electronics. Since BOLT has wireless, inductive charging, there are no charging ports for liquid to get into.

How do you clean a Sphero bolt?

To clean Sphero, we suggest using warm water, a mild soap or detergent, and a non-abrasive cloth or paper towel. Because Sphero’s polycarbonate shell is sensitive to abrasives and can be damaged by certain solvents, never use abrasive cleaners, pads, or sharp tools to clean.

Does Sphero Bolt have a speaker?

There are no speakers, so sound is handled by the app. In addition to its Bluetooth connection with your phone or tablet, the Bolt also has infra-red communication so it can work with other Bolts, which could be fun in classrooms.

How do you reset a sphero bolt?

Place Sphero on its charging base and press the button on the side of the charger while removing Sphero from the charger. To verify Sphero is reset, try tapping to wake. If Sphero does not wake, reset is successful.

Can sphero talk?

The Sphero Companion app lets you to talk to Sphero and lets Sphero talk back to you! … The app needs internet access for voice recognition and you need to have Google Text-To-Speech on your phone/tablet in order for Sphero to talk back to you.

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