How do you stop bolts from coming undone?

Why do my bolts keep coming loose?

Spontaneous loosening, or rotational self-loosening, is essentially when a bolt rotates loose due to shock, vibration or dynamic loads. Even a slight rotation can be enough for a bolted joint to lose all its preload. This is the most common cause of bolt loosening.

What are bolt locking methods?

Mechanical locking devices include tab washers, which have a side tab that can be bent upwards to lock the nut in place, and locking wire, which can be threaded through a hole in the bolt head/nut and tightened to another fastener close by.

How do you keep a metal screw from loosening?

Apply thread locking glue to the threads of your screw before installing it. Tighten it to the manufacturer’s specifications (do not over tighten). Allow the glue to dry before using the screw to hold tension.

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