How do you open the jaws of bolt cutters?

Do not remove the bolt, simply loosen it enough to loosen both halves of the tool. Bring the handles together; place a piece of paper between the jaws, and slowly turn the bolt clockwise. As you tighten the bolt, the jaws will start to come together.

How do you adjust bolt cutters?

The position of bolt cutter blades can be adjusted using either the jaw adjustment bolts, located on the plate that is mounted across the two jaws, or the neck adjustment bolt, located near to where the blade joins the handle on one side of the tool.

How wide do bolt cutters open?

Size does matter when it comes to bolt cutters. The longer the arms, the more leverage created and therefore, more cutting power. An 18-inch bolt cutter can cut metal up to 9/32 of an inch in diameter while a 24-inch bolt cutter can cut thicknesses up to 5/16 of an inch, depending on the material’s hardness.

Can you fix bolt cutters?

Bolt cutter jaws can be replaced once they have been worn down through use and repeated sharpening. To replace them, you need to unscrew the two sets of bolts on the neck and head of the tool and loosen any neck adjustment bolts.

How do you maintain a bolt cutter?

Keep blades clean, sharpened and correctly adjusted

If your bolt cutter blades become dented or chipped during use, you will need to sharpen them to prevent the damage from getting worse. It is also important to make sure your blades have the right sized gap between them.

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How do you sharpen bolt cutters?

The best way to hold the tool head steady is to secure it in a vice. If you are using a file to do the sharpening, however, you could just grip the bolt cutters between your knees. When you have finished one blade, loosen the vice, turn over the jaws and reclamp to tackle the next one.