How do I owe bolts?

Can you owe on Bolt?

If you have a negative balance, you can pay the commission you owe to Bolt via the mobile in-app transfer. To do so: Go to the Earnings tab and click Pay to Bolt button.

How do I pay my Bolt balance?

Mobile Wallet Payment

  1. Tap the Pay to Bolt option.
  2. Select your payment option.
  3. Confirm your details then proceed to Pay Now.
  4. Enter your mobile wallet pin to confirm the transaction.

How do I pay the Bolt commission in South Africa?

To pay the commission to Bolt, use the following details to make a bank transfer (EFT) or a deposit via an ATM: Bolt bank account details: Bank: First National Bank. Account number: 62651977369.

What happens if I dont pay Bolt?

Drivers are responsible for collecting cash from riders for cash trips. If the rider refuses to pay or pays less, please report this ride to us: Do not confirm the price in the app.

How do I get a refund from Bolt?

Please send refund requests to! We will respond as quickly as we can. We issue refunds for digital products within 7 days of the original purchase of the product. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

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How do you cancel a bolt trip?

You can cancel a ride in the app before or after you’re matched with a driver. However, in some cases, a cancellation fee may be charged. To cancel a ride, tap the slider on the home screen and select Cancel.

How do I set up a payment method on Bolt?

If you would like to add a card and change your payment method, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Main Menu (top left corner)
  2. Tap on Payments.
  3. Select Add Your Card.
  4. Manually enter or scan your card details and then tap Confirm.
  5. Enter your card expiry date and your CVC code (three digits on the back of your card)

How do I top up my bolt balance?

You can top-up Your Bolt Balance using in-app payment methods available in Your region (e.g. mobile wallet, credit/debit card, bank transfer). 2.2. Bolt will not accept cash payments for top-up of Bolt Balance, unless otherwise stipulated in any terms governing the usage of Bolt App.

How do I pay with a bolt credit card?

Tap the profile icon in the menu and select the Payments option. Add the card details in the relevant text fields and click the Continue button.

How do I pay my Bolt Commission online?

How to pay the commission?

  1. Go to the Earnings tab and click the Pay to Bolt button.
  2. Choose a payment option (your mobile wallet provider)
  3. Enter the mobile number you wish to pay with.
  4. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the payment.

Do you pay per person for Bolt?

4.6. Fares. You are entitled to charge a fare for each instance you have accepted a Passenger on the Bolt Platform and completed the Transportation Service as requested (i.e. Fare).

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What is Bolt booking fee?

To regulate support and operational costs, Bolt has introduced a booking fee of 4% of your trip cost added to your final price as shown in the receipt received after taking a ride. This fee applies to both cash and in-app (card) payment trips.

How much is the cancellation fee for Bolt?

You won’t be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel your request within 2 minutes from the moment driver accepted your request or if a driver cancels the request without waiting for you for at least 4-5 minutes.

What is Bolt payment method?

Bolt Payments is an all-in-one payment platform for e-commerce retailers. … That does away with the need for merchants to sign up for separate payment gateways (like Authorize.Net), shopping carts (like Magento) and fraud prevention services (like Signifyd).