Frequent question: What are the bolts on the back of a washing machine for?

A transit bolt, also called a washer shipping bolt, is installed through the back a washing machine to keep the tub from moving around during shipping.

What happens if you don’t remove transit bolts from washing machine?

If you do not remove the transit bolts correctly you risk damage to your washing machine, in some cases this can be considerable, to the point where you can comprehensively wreck your shiny new washing machine. … In other words, by not doing as instructed you risk major damage to your washing machine.

Do you have to remove transit bolts from washing machine?

The transit bolts need to be removed when the appliance is being installed. They are designed to hold the drum in a fixed position while being transported. Failure to remove this will void the warranty, so please refer to the appliance manual for additional guidance.

What do the shipping bolts do in a washing machine?

The shipping bolts keep the tub secure during a move and reduce the amount of vibration that could damage the suspension. If you do not have the necessary shipping bolts, you can purchase them through an appliance repair center.

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Do all new washing machines have transit bolts?

Normally when you get your new washing machine there will be two (rare), three or four transit bolts fitted through the rear panel of the washing machine that fix to the outer tank of the washing machine. … These bolts must be removed before the washing machine is used.

Will a washing machine work with transit bolts?

Transit bolts are meant to prevent the washing drum for rotating, vibrating, moving while the machine is in transit or transport. These bolts must be removed once machine is installed and ready to be operated. One or more of the following can happen if you don’t: The machine won’t operate.

Do washer dryers have transit bolts?

Nope. The manual makes no mention of having to remove transfer bolts, if the techs want to make a stink about there being bolts and you didn’t remove them: no way! Not even if they do exist.

Why is my washing machine shaking violently?

Washing machines often shake because the mass of clothes is distributed unevenly inside of them. Always make sure to spread out the clothes throughout your washer as you load it. If your washer continues to shake, remove some of your clothes. You may have simply overloaded it.

What do transit bolts do?

Transit bolts are a type of bolt used to secure part of a mechanical appliance during transit. … The most common example of transit bolts is the securing of the drum of a washing machine while it is transported from shop to property (or property to property).

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Do top load washers have shipping bolts?

Top-loaders usually require you to wedge foam or cardboard between the drum and the case. For a front-loader, you’ll typically insert shipping bolts in the rear of the washer to secure the drum. If you no longer have the original locks, contact the manufacturer to purchase some.

Where are the shipping bolts on a GE washer?

On models with a shipping rod, it is located on the right side panel, toward the bottom of the washer, between the front and rear legs. It is 23″ long and keeps the tub in place during shipping.