Frequent question: Does my bolt have DC fast charging?

Not every electric car can be charged with the use of DC Fast Chargers; however, the Chevy Bolt does have DC Fast Charging capabilities. If there is a DC Fast Charger near you, you can charge your Chevy Bolt in about an hour and 20 minutes.

How do I know if my Chevy Bolt has DC fast charging?

DCFC can be identified by looking at the charge connector behind the charge door. No DCFC is just the round plug socket, DCFC will have the round plug socket and a two prong socket with an orange cover beneath the round one.

Which Chevy Bolt has DC fast charging?

The 2021 Chevy Bolt EV comes standard with DC Fast Charging on the Premier trim level. Its other, lower trim, the LT, offers DC Fast Charging as an available option.

Do all bolts have DC fast charge?

That’s 28% faster than it took us to charge the Bolt to 80%, and we started out at 4%, not zero. That’s because the Kona Electric can accept up to 75 kW of power, about 35% more power than the Bolt EV can accept.

Gallery: Chevrolet Bolt EV 2020.

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What charger comes with 2021 Chevy Bolt?

3) Does the Chevy Bolt come with a Level 2 charger? The 2017-2021 Chevy Bolt just comes with a Level 1 charging cable. The 2022 Bolt EUV will come standard with a Level 1/2 charger which can offer up to 32 amps of power (7.6 kW).

Does 2021 Bolt have DC fast charging?

The Chevy Bolt EV has a DC fast charger option, and charges at a rate of up to 55 kW, which allows the Bolt EV to recharge up to 80% in about 1 hour. Like the Chevy Spark EV and Volt, the Bolt EV uses the SAE Combined Charging Connector (CCS) for level 3 DC fast charge.

Where can I find DC fast charging stations?

The 3 Best Applications to Find Charging Stations

  1. PlugShare could be your go to EV charging app. If you’re going to use one app to find stations, this should be it. …
  2. Open Charge Map offers a larg listing of EV charging stations. …
  3. Alternative Fueling Stations can prove valuable for finding EV charging locations.

Is J1772 a fast charger?

A competing DC fast charging standard just beginning deployment is called J1772 Combo.

How fast can a bolt charge?

At 11 kW, the Bolt fully charges in about 6 hours. The faster Level 2, 240-volt charger adds about 40 miles of range in an hour. Regardless of which Bolt or other EV you drive today, the smart move is to buy a connected, smart charging station with the greatest power.

How much does DC fast charging cost?

For 2 installed DC fast chargers, the average rebate per DC fast charger was $65,354, the average unit cost per charger was $37,531, and the average total project cost per DC fast charger was $103,672.

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What is DC fast charging?

“DC” refers to “direct current,” the type of power that batteries use. … DC fast chargers convert AC power to DC within the charging station and deliver DC power directly to the battery, which is why they charge faster.

Does Chevy bolt come with Level 2 charger?

The new Chevy Bolt comes with a Level 1/Level 2 combo charger, and GM will help you take advantage of it. … The catch is that it’s only for what GM is calling a “standard installation,” likely meaning that if there’s any weirdness with your garage’s wiring, you could be on the hook for the difference.