Frequent question: Are you supposed to replace flywheel bolts?

Should I change my flywheel bolts?

Flywheel bolts are reusable as long as they are in good condition. Clean them off, apply red loctite. Good as news and you wont have to spend an extra 60 on new ones.

Should you replace flex plate bolts?

You’re *supposed* to replace them, but myself and plenty of others have reused them several times. Just be sure to use red thread-locker and make sure the threads look good and make sure you have them torqued correctly.

Can I reuse flex plate bolts?

Its ok to reuse them, just put a little loctite on them when reinstalling.

Why do flywheel bolts break?

The actual cause in most cases is the length of the bolt and not the grade or quality. A common length bolt to be used is 1¼ inches in length and when used with a Bert flywheel and no shims—it will be too long. Even with a washer under the head of the bolt, in most cases this will still be too long.

Can you reuse clutch bolts?

Just reuse them if they look to be in good shape. x2,torque to yield headbolts are about the only hardware you really have to replace after one use. #6257 of 6381 Bolt ons, pulleys, and tuned.

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Are Flexplate and flywheel bolts the same?

The flexplate bolts that were used don’t have threads at the beginning while the flywheel bolts do. The threads themselves are the same, yes.

Are LS flywheel bolts reusable?

Are LS flywheel bolts reusable? We reuse the bolts all the time no issues if you make em tight. Also no need to crimp the line or open the bleeder screw. … According to my Haynes manual, the rear caliper bolts go to 22 lb*ft and shouldn’t be reused.

Can you reuse flywheel bolts ls1?

The OEM flywheel bolts are not TTY, so there’s no danger in reusing them.

Can you reuse Duramax flywheel bolts?

Factory flywheel bolts are torque to yield. … Because of this, the bolt must never be reused.

Are ARP flywheel bolts reusable?

The stock bolts stretch during installation so they’re not reusable – this set of bolts is not only reusable but actually costs about half as much as a new set of Toyota bolts.

Can torque converter bolts be reused?

Premium Member. I reuse factory torque converter bolts on a daily basis without any issues. I do agree with what was said before that most likely your factory converter bolts are bottoming out on the tips before the head gets a good seat which is probably the root cause of the issue.