Does a banjo bolt have to line up?

So what is banjo bolt on brakes? … A well-installed banjo bolt has a very tight seal further reinforced by a banjo bolt washer that is fitted to it. These washers allow fluid to pass around the bolt, so the holes in the bolts do not need to line up, so the installation of flexible lines becomes easier.

Can you reuse banjo bolts?

The bolts are good. You can reuse copper crush washers by annealing them. Aluminum ones tend to leak.

Are all brake banjo bolts the same?

No they are different but you can just use the banjo bolt the comes with the Saint caliper.

How does a banjo fitting seal?

The banjo fitting has flat surfaces which are normally sealed with a washer, often a crush washer. … Here you can see some banjo bolts and their sealing crush washers. Note the the bolts are hollow to allow fluid to pass.

How tight should brake line fittings be?

As a general rule from finger tight, continue tightening the nut until you feel it draw down tight, then tighten approximately 1/6″ turn more. Do not over-tighten.

Can I reuse copper washers on banjo bolt?

Can you reuse banjo bolt washers? You can reuse the old ones in a pinch just check them for weepage a when its done and a couple of day later. If you do have one that weeps just tighten it very lightly and move the fitting a few times back and forth then tighten to spec.

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Why is it called a banjo bolt?

A banjo fitting or internally relieved bolt comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. … The name stems from the shape of the fitting, having a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo.

How does a brake banjo bolt work?

Apparently automobile brakes use banjo bolts to connect brake-fluid lines to brake cylinders. … Tightening the bolt provides a path for fluid to flow into the barbed inlet into a hole in the side of the bolt and then down through a hole concentric with the bolt’s axis.

How do I bleed the brakes?

The correct sequence for bleeding car brakes is to open the bleed valve, expel the brake fluid using gravity, pressure, or vacuum, fill the system and then close the bleed valve. How do I get the air out of brake lines? Bleed the brake lines and refill them to get the air out of the system.

Where do the washers go on a banjo bolt?

The banjo bolt is designed to have two washers—one on each side of the fitting. One of the washers is situated under the banjo bolt head, while the other bolt washer is located between the caliper and the brake line.

How tight should banjo bolt?

Banjo Bolts should be tightened to 12 to 14 foot pounds – Do not over torque.